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Goodbye Oppa

21 July 2017

Today is my last day with my Oppa.
You must be curious who is Oppa?
Oppa is my car. My first car.
People always said " Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan."
It's hard for me to say goodbye to my beloved Oppa.I sent Oppa to my sister's family in Perlis.
Oppa will be far from me from now..for the first time!
When I write this article, I crying.. I miss Oppa.
I bought Oppa in November 2011 with my first salary and my dad's support( as my birthday gift), that's the last time my dad gave me money.
Since Oppa is my first car so everything is first time for me. I don't even know how to drive Oppa when I got him. I asked my cousin's husband to help me fetch Oppa to my rental house.I don't even know how to drive really! Can't believe I just bought it without knowing anything.Don't worry, I have driving license when I got Oppa but never drive any car.
Thanks to the amazing ladies that teach me drive.
Marina unnie
Amy & her husband

It's time to learn to let go of what I used to see/feel in my life.
It's hard but I need to change no matter what. 
I can't always stay and feel the same.

Oppa, I miss you so much!
I hope you'll happy to see Demma and Ted in Perlis.
Be a good boy just like you with me.
I will come see you when the right time.

p.s; Yes, I sound so crazy now but that's how I communicate with my Oppa.If he can talk back, I think he will say " I'm so annoyed with you, talk too much! so dramatic!".


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