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Happy Day~
It's been awhile since I write any article here. I'm sorry again.
Yes, I was missing in action(MIA) again.
If you realized, I also MIA on my other social media (Facebook & Instagram). I want to give myself break from all social media because I realized I overly attached on that, sometimes I always more and more like and love from people that I even know well, it's good for my business ( wedding photography) and at the same time, I also have life issues that too personal to talked about and I know, if I actively on social media, I will spill the bean so to avoid that happen, I take a break. I don't need to explain about this right? But, I think you guys deserve to know what really happen to me.
I'm okay now and I'm ready to live the life(hahaha).
Okay, you must be curious about my post title today, right?

It's no secret anymore...
If you see me in real life, you clearly see that,
I'm happy with my boyfriend.
If God willing, we want to move to next level in this relationship.I'm not announcing anything here but this is my commitment in our relationship.
I choose him with my whole heart.
There's no time to play around for us. It's time to be with my best friend.
I know it's not will be an easy journey and long journey but I want to go on this life journey with him.
As long as I have him, I will able to walk in this life.

#keriitletoengagement and #keriitletowedding 
hashtag come live!

For now, let's keep us in your prayers.

Thank you and God bless you.

Aya (Paya)

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