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Why the Vietnamese Coffee so famous?

I'm currently in Vietnam now so I think it's the right time to do or share my review on Vietnamese coffee. Every time I came to Vietnam, I never ever miss this one. I think I drink it every day here, I love coffee by the way.Usually, I will buy the iced coffee and then go to the office.I don't think I have time for the hot one, maybe on the weekend. What I will review today is iced Vietnamese coffee.So, let's get started.

Things I like about Malaysia

It's Malaysia 60th Independent Day.
Yay, if I stayed in Malaysia for this moment but I'm on my business trip this time so can I say Nay!hahahhaa... just kidding! For this time, I will look at the bright side about this, I will celebrate Vietnamese National Day on 2/September.Even though I'm not in Malaysia for this moment but I wanted to share my things I like about Malaysia, my home. It's Independent Day,come on! Let's say something good about my country(I'm serious!).I'm grateful I have opportunities to travel a lot to several countries this 6 years of my life, so I can appreciate home like I never did before. Back then( my pre-travel time), all my life was about Malaysia and London ( I just know about London because my dad keeps saying about it).
So, here is my list(ehemmm)


What kind of girl I want to be?

Hi there~
Today is another day I'm thankful for. 
I can breath and feel happy with my not so perfect life. Lately, I stumbled upon documentaries video regarding the poor family in Phillipines on YouTube and can't stop myself from watching those videos. It's so sad to see the kids go to work just for their snacks and to feed other younger siblings. They just up to 9 years old, which is for me is craziest! It's make me flashback about my childhood in rural Sarawak. My life as a kid is not bad as the kids I saw in those videos but I'm struggling too. Fortunately, my parent always make the education is number one. No matter how hard it is, no money in our pocket, keep going and never give up! I still remember the day I went to market with my bananas and sell it there because I want to buy 'selipar jepun' and some snacks also I remember there's sometimes I'm helping my mother selling vegetables in the street whenever my semester break.Sometime we 'kena halau' because we sometimes selling at illegal places to avoid the 'cukai' at market. Life is definitely not so easy.I feel sad whenever watch the kids in those videos especially when they said they not able going to school because their parent cannot afford to send them to school then when asked about their dreams, most of them want to be teachers, engineer and etc.Let's narrowed the scope, not about poor kids in the Philipines but my own race situations.I personally feel proud of my own race (Kenyah Badeng) because I think almost of the Kenyah kids have educations and better than what I had before. But, still there's some family that can't afford send their kids go to school. I really need to think and do something about that. I don't want any Kenyah kids to miss education and not going to school. I want every Kenyah kids will have educations and able to think openly about this world and still grounded with their faith in Jesus Christ.So, this situations make me think, what kind of girl I want to be?


Happy Birthday,Bilong

Hi there~
Another highlight of yesterday. I went to somewhere with Bilong, he is my uncle's son by MRT today. It's our first time riding the MRT and the experience is a quiet difference...hahaaa. I never travel alone with a toddler before so this is my first time and you know what? IT'S CRAZY!
Why I say so? 


Always your no.1 fan

Another date to remember!
Yes, I love to remember every special date in my life, that's why my memory always full and sometimes forget other thing but this one, I want to remember it. No exceptional! hahhaaa...
What's so special on this date?


My first time went to Stadium Bukit Jalil | SEA Games Opening Ceremony KL2017

Yesterday was a wonderful day as I have an opportunity to see the SEA Games Opening Ceremony in our biggest stadium. Yay! Thank you, SONY for the opportunity and oh yea, this is my first ever won the lucky draw in my entire life. I can't believe I never went to Stadium Bukit Jalil before..hahaha, I been lived in Selangor and KL for many years but never make time to go here. Instead, I went to one stadium in London last time..hahaha. Since it's my first time so I will share my opinion and of course all the photos from yesterday event.
Without further due, let's check it out.



Hi there~
I just finished video calling with my second sister just now and you know what?!
I feeling AWESOME!! Because I got to see our little girl, Demma dancing, smiling and give flying kisses for me, what an awesome gift today. We are so blessed! I can't stop thinking of her now...hhahhaaa, such a crazy aunt. Until now, I can't believe our family have one little girl or lil keriitleto(oppsss...my future daughter supposed to have that title) but for now, let Demma have that title.It's not her birthday yet so I won't talk too much about her. But, what I want to share is AHAVAH.
Have you heard about this word? It's my first time heard about this word as well and immediately, I love it!
You want to know why?


Freeze the moment

Happy Saturday!
How's your week so far?
I hope you have a great week.As for me, I'm thankful for this week, there's so much blessings that I can thank for.One of it is I won my first every lucky draw in my entire life!!! It's SEA Games Opening Ceremony tickets from SONY (where I working and I feel so lucky!) and many things that make me feel good despite all the challenges happened this week.Okay,today I wanted to share about my passion in wedding photography because I just realized, there's some updated info on it.
So, without further due, let's started!


Let's talk about love

Happy Thursday~
Today, I want to talk about love because I was inspired from Yuna's Engagement and her Tumblr post. 
If you fan of Yuna, then you already know she gets engaged lately. I'm not a big fan but I always feel proud of what she did in her life. She such a brave and hardworking girl. I love that's spirit of her, can we do hashtag, #keriitletospirit for that?.Also, I personally love her engagement video, her engagement dress..arghh, beautiful! Most of all, the video and photos look it's full of love and I can feel the love in the air (hahaha..). What's really caught my attention was her Tumblr post about she fell in love. That's post was amazing and touch my heart personally.
You can read her original post on her Tumblr page.
So, what I have learned from that post.


Malam Bakat SIB Cheras

Happy Monday~
Here is my latest photography project.
For this moment, I'm not taking any project as I focus on learned the theory and practice for better.
For now, enjoy the photos from Malam Bakat SIB Cheras 2017.


#keriitletoOOTD: Where all my OOTD post?

Hi there~
Argghh..it's been awhile since I posted any article related to OOTD. I miss it so much! I hope you miss it too..hehe.
Today, I'm going to explain why there's no more OOTD post on my blog.
I don't need to explain this actually but I'm someone that explained something in such a long way..haha, I guess it's my habit. I will try to make it short.


I want to go far far away

My only wish now is I want to go far far away from everything...
Lately, everything seem tough for me. I'm constantly feel struggle with my life issues. I feel tired and helpless. I believe in God and I believe that God will lifted up my burden but I don't know why, I still feel so tired and helpless.I feel I lost my direction, always out of focus, feel overly sensitive of everything and think too much everytime and about anything.I have a supportive siblings,friends and boyfriend but I don't know why I still feel like this?.It's not like what I used to be.I try to remind myself, I am #keriitleto with strong heart and keep say to myself everything will be okay,don't think too much but I can't stop being such a helpless people.Do you ever have this kind of feeling?