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Always your no.1 fan

20 August 2017

Another date to remember!
Yes, I love to remember every special date in my life, that's why my memory always full and sometimes forget other thing but this one, I want to remember it. No exceptional! hahhaaa...
What's so special on this date?

Just straight to the point,
It's the first time for my boyfriend playing the drum in our church! He finally made it happen! Yay!
I feel proud for his effort. I thought he just make fun of me yesterday...hahahaaa.
I do not really know about music or instruments but he loves all that things and I feel so happy whenever I saw him happy doing something he loves. It's not perfect this time but I believe he will able to play perfectly one day.Good job, my dear!
After all, all his effort is not for me or whoever but for our God. All the glory to our God. Thank you, God, for giving him such passion in his life.You're wonderful God.
To my love one,
I will always be your no.1 fan, I always be supportive and be at your side.
Be your best in everything you do.
Be a better version of yourself every day and never give up, you can do it!
Serve God with our wholeheart

It's such a "creepy" post but I want to keep it as a record in this special place of mine.

Finally, whatever you dreamed of, always remember to told God beforehand and God will makes a way.

Aya from

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