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Happy Birthday,Bilong

21 August 2017

Hi there~
Another highlight of yesterday. I went to somewhere with Bilong, he is my uncle's son by MRT today. It's our first time riding the MRT and the experience is a quiet difference...hahaaa. I never travel alone with a toddler before so this is my first time and you know what? IT'S CRAZY!
Why I say so? 

This is our first before the storm. I was smiling happily and feel excited about what will we experience and as for Bilong, I guess he was nervous as he keep quiet and I know, the storm is underway..hahaa

 Luckily bring his favorite car toy so it keep entertained him for awhile.
 Then, inside the train, he was keep quite again and he need to stand for 1 station as no one offer the seat for him.

 Then, finally he got his seat but this seat make him sleepy and I need to keep him awake so I no need to cry him later ( I prayed)

 Thank God, he didn't sleep but he overly excited! BUT...
he wanted to go to the toilet and we already passed the toilet and trying to search for the nearest toilet but too late, he already 'kencing seluar' and I just can hahahahhahahahaha...but, we still searching for the toilet and he asked me to carry him some more...I wish my boyfriend is here and carry him. So, I need to be creative and said to him "Let's going back to Daddy and Mummy and we will eat ice cream. Before that, you need to walk. Luckily, he agreed and happily walking..fuhh! What's an experience.

 So, we went back with seluar basah....hahhaa, I just can't stop smiling and he just want his ice cream.
 Soon after that, he became so active and can't stop moving around.. I guess I was joging just now.

 That's how our first ride went..fuhh! Full of experience, different kind of experience to be specific. I'm not sure if I can do that again...hahhaaaa
 Back to Cheras, we done fun thing together like I tied his hair and laughed at him.
 The precious selfie with Bilong.

Oh ya, just for a record, he did post sweetly with little girl in our church today.

Last but not least,
Tuhan memberkati dan sentiasa berkelimpahan.

What a day!
Thank God for a wonderful blessing today.
I'm happy whenever I saw people that I loved smiled and feel happy with whatever they love in their life.
For today sharing in our church, it's all about WORRY.
Everyone is worried about their life, their future and what they going to eat and whatever but when we lived in God, we will never hungry or tidak akan pernah berkurangan.


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