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Let's talk about love

Happy Thursday~
Today, I want to talk about love because I was inspired from Yuna's Engagement and her Tumblr post. 
If you fan of Yuna, then you already know she gets engaged lately. I'm not a big fan but I always feel proud of what she did in her life. She such a brave and hardworking girl. I love that's spirit of her, can we do hashtag, #keriitletospirit for that?.Also, I personally love her engagement video, her engagement dress..arghh, beautiful! Most of all, the video and photos look it's full of love and I can feel the love in the air (hahaha..). What's really caught my attention was her Tumblr post about she fell in love. That's post was amazing and touch my heart personally.
You can read her original post on her Tumblr page.
So, what I have learned from that post.

1. Love is not sweet everyday
I don't expect love to be sweet every day but when it's sweet, I really appreciate it.I expect there will be up and down in love.Nobody is perfect and each one of us have their own flaws and different kind of opinions. I appreciate that flaws and differences, even though it's hardest to do. For me, if it's sweet every day, I can't learn about the person I'm with.For this moment, love is sweet.

2. Love is not giving up each other easily.
We can easily fall in love with anybody that we like. For me, when I'm in love with somebody, I learned that there will be challenges that "killing" me and sometimes feel so stupid and so many but I will not be giving up easily on my partner for the challenge. I want to keep choose love.

3. Sometimes you got to understand each other behavior, which is insane.
In order to be together, I got to understand the thing that I will never want to understand. I'm being honest.It's not easy to accept and swallowed the pride to accept whatever my partner's behavior especially the bad one.

4. Love is sharing what you got.
It's so hard for me to sharing anything with people actually but being with my partner is really teach me about sharing everything that I got even though it's hard.

5. Love is sometimes complicated.
I'm the one that complicated, always want to make thing complicated..haha, make my partner headache for nothing and I blamed it's normal girl behaviour...haha, I'm such a bad partner...ahhahaaa,get we get YES for that girls? i'm trying to be abnormal girl that never give headache to my partner...hahaaa.Just kidding.

6. Love will always hurt.
You can't expect love will never hurt you.
Love will hurt you someday,no matter you trying harder to avoid it. I don't believe in love never hurt. It's not I expect the worse but that's the reality of love, nobody perfect.

7. Love makes life feel better.
After all, love makes life feel better.
The three words is easily killing me especially when I feel world is upside down and then, when I heard the three words, it's just like a sunshine come to my life..awwww..

When love is sweet,say thank you.
When love is hurt,say thank you and be strong.

Whatever it is,enjoy the moment.Everything will be okay and happen according to what's God has planned for us.
No worries about future,God will be always be there and already there.
If you just lost love,dont go find it,find yourself first and be the best version of yourself and be unstoppable #keriitleto.

Last not least,
I love you my bestfriend,MM.


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