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#keriitletoOOTD: Where all my OOTD post?

07 August 2017

Hi there~'s been awhile since I posted any article related to OOTD. I miss it so much! I hope you miss it too..hehe.
Today, I'm going to explain why there's no more OOTD post on my blog.
I don't need to explain this actually but I'm someone that explained something in such a long way..haha, I guess it's my habit. I will try to make it short.

Let's straigth forward, these are main reasons;
1. Many high priority thing to focus on
2. My body shape was change and I feel ashamed about it for this moment but I can't stop eating..hehe
3. The trend keep change and its make me have so many of clothes..ugghhh,I just don't like it that way anymore, I prefer have little beside other big commitment in my life so clothes become low priority..hehe.
4. My minimalism style
5. I don't see myself doing this another five years.

I still love ootd and never forget how awesome this make me feel.But,I need to be smart about my time management.I will do something that worth to do in the next five years.
What I learned from this journey was if you love to do something, do it and feel it! If its feel good and then do it with all of your heart.BUT, sometime you need to see the life situation too, you may needd extra effort to do something you love while keep up with other things for make living.
Finally,dont just wish, do it!!
So,here is few throwback of my ootd.

Do you wish to see #keriitletoOOTD again?
Please let me know.


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