Happy Monday!
It's a UPSR exams for our little boys today.
I can't believe they already 12 years old, how fast is the time goes. I rarely talked about my others nephews on my blog compare to Kang and Demma, they are so tiny and have a lot to talk about them. Last Saturday, I did a video call with my sister's family and for the first time ever, I feel so appreciate about technology. I rarely talk about technology on my blog because I always feel that technology help my life so much, so I no need to brag about it. Without technology, I don't think I can call my family back in my village and hear their voice after a long time.Yesterday, I video call with my sister's family and it's amazing to see my nephew and niece moving around.

The 12 years just gone

11 September 2017

Happy Sunday~
It feels so good today because, after such a very long time, I finally do my #ootd again, thanks to my fellow #keriitleto for helping me capture the photos. I feel so amazing and I guess, my love on my #ootd never fade. I will continue do it again even though I don't see anything for five years ahead, I don't care anymore. I just love it and it makes me feel good and amazing.
As per usual, we will talk a lot about outfits because it's such a long time, why not spending some time to really talked about each of the pieces..hahhaaa

#keriitletoOOTD: Do what you love

10 September 2017

It's weekend, yay!
But, today is my moving day, so got to do some work, heavy work. I moved back to Bangi after 5 months staying in Puchong. I love staying in Puchong but my wallet definitely doesn't like it. The petrol and toll price keeps increasing, that affects my life so much.
I miss home so bad now... I miss my kampung, Data Kakus, Sarawak. I missed everyone. Listen to my nephew's voice on the telephone yesterday was the awesome thing ever happen this week.He got fever, so sad! I love my kampung so much and I even think to go back there and lived the life.But, that's not going to happen as I choose to settle down (temporary) in the city and being #keriitletocity rather than #keriitleto. No lah.. I always being a #keriitleto and being #keriitleto is never easy. So, this article I would like to share my opinion being #keriitleto.

Being #keriitleto | Big girl don't cry

09 September 2017

It's Friday and I do not feel happy at all.
It's such a terrible day for me.
Have you ever feel so failed in your life? I feel like everything is messed up now and it seems like there's no way out. I believe in God but I'm human too.Sometimes I lose my faith, feel worries about what tomorrow will bring and I forgot the scripture that I memorized during my Sunday school. Life is getting so hard.I'm not usually like this but the times have come again, I feel totally failed.I cried a lot inside our car on my way back from work. I feel terrible and look down on myself.

The day I feel totally failed in my life

08 September 2017

Hi there~
I just landed home from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and now waiting for MM pick me up, so while waiting, I will share my 5 must try food in Ho Chi Minh city. I've been to Ho Chi Minh city quite many time now(I'm grateful for that!).Whenever I come here, these are some Vietnamese food that I love.I can say, sometimes I missed the taste of Vietnamese food when I didn't eat too long. Thanks to my colleagues here they got me to try new menu this time, which is Bun Cha, taste soo good!
Without further due, let's check out the food.

5 MUST try food in Ho Chi Minh City

06 September 2017

Happy Saturday from another side of the world!
For today, I completely do nothing here. I feel so lazy to explore as I suddenly feel a headache after my morning walk, what a day! I just eat the medicine and go back to sleep. It feels so good. I'm grateful for sit still and do nothing today. It's been a long time since I do that.I always keep myself busy whenever I'm home in Malaysia. I want to take a break from every thing actually, I want everything to be slow down a bit so I can have time on my own. Now, it's the time. I appreciate this moment and I'm grateful I have a quiet and alone time as much as I wanted.Since I always come to Vietnam especially Saigon city, I feel lazy to explore around because I will buy something every time, I hate buying more stuff now.So, what I got from this activity today?

Sit still and do nothing

02 September 2017

Wowww! It's September 2017... next couple months will be my birthday month, so excited! haha. Do you remember the famous song about September? Wake me up when September ends? It's popular song during my high school...hahaha. Since it's a new month, so let's reboot us again, be a better version of you because it's a new day, new start, new focus and new result.And, I guess you need a little encouragement for that, so here you go.

Hello September 2017!

01 September 2017

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