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Being #keriitleto | Big girl don't cry

It's weekend, yay!
But, today is my moving day, so got to do some work, heavy work. I moved back to Bangi after 5 months staying in Puchong. I love staying in Puchong but my wallet definitely doesn't like it. The petrol and toll price keeps increasing, that affects my life so much.
I miss home so bad now... I miss my kampung, Data Kakus, Sarawak. I missed everyone. Listen to my nephew's voice on the telephone yesterday was the awesome thing ever happen this week.He got fever, so sad! I love my kampung so much and I even think to go back there and lived the life.But, that's not going to happen as I choose to settle down (temporary) in the city and being #keriitletocity rather than #keriitleto. No lah.. I always being a #keriitleto and being #keriitleto is never easy. So, this article I would like to share my opinion being #keriitleto.

Must be INDEPENDENT no matter what!
If not, I think I will be still live with my parent at my village, waiting for some guys to come ask my parent to get married. I'm not saying that #keriitleto that lived with their parent is not independent but in my personal opinion, being independent, you need to get out from your comfort place, your family place and get out to the real world.Being independent #keriitleto since my high school is definitely not an easy journey but I learned a lot along the way. I remember what my parent told me(advice) when I left home, our village. Never ever forget that.You can freely do whatever you want, but always remember where do you come from and why you are here.

I'm such a cry baby actually. I cried a lot whenever I feel down with my life.Like today, I moved out from Marina's place, I feel so sad but I need to remind myself, big girl don't cry! While I drive off to Bangi, I don't know why the DJ play the song "Big girl don't cry by Fergie", what a coincidence!
Back then, I always cried so hard whenever my flight takes off from the airport because I know my family sees the flight take off, that's breaking my heart.Being #keriitleto in the city, I try my best to forget this nature of me. I still have it but I'm trying my best to hide it.But, it doesn't mean you cant cry, you can but in a lady way..haha.

I love to use word "wiser" than smart.
For me, the wiser meaning is deeper than smart. It's okay to say be smart but be wiser is better. To be honest, I'm not being wiser every day in my life, there's time I feel so stupid and make a wrong or bad decisions and need to live the life.After all, I always try my best to be wiser in everything I do.

I'm thankful for being able to travel to some countries in the world. I dreamed to explore entire world, if possible.Being #keriitleto, one of the compulsory requirement is BRAVE. To achieve all the dreams that I ever had, I need to make myself brave, even though there's a lot of time I feel scared! Especially in public speaking..erm, I'm not brave at all but I'm learning to be brave.Not just that, be brave to get out from our comfortable place, go somewhere that can taste your brave limit.

One of the thing that I never going to miss out in my life as #keriitleto is always in the middle of modern and traditional.Sometimes I can't do this because it's not a traditional way and it's too modern for our culture. These two is an example of what I mean being in the middle of modern and traditional.I'm not saying everyone in the middle of these but that's what I feel. I think I'm a modern girl but at the same time, I still need to obey the traditional life of #keriitleto.

I'm thankful for having siblings especially my sisters in my life.
I never imagined what my life will be without them. I must be too lonely to get through this life.I'm thankful for my sister that always become my strong supporter whenever everything is going wrong.During my teenage years, I don't think I like my sister so much, I feel annoying and I thought they are not understand me at all. Fast forward, my sisters is the best thing I ever had, the best friend that I can ever share the deepest,darkest, the worst side of me.I'm thankful.So, the moral value is be best friend with your sisters, they're amazing even though sometimes we fighting over useless things, it's normal, it's sisterly love.

One of my mission of was I want each of #keriitleto (young girl) that ever found my blog to know that being #keriitleto is not about cooking, take care of the family but there so much thing you can do. You can achieve all the dreams that you ever had.There will be hardest time but don't give up, keep going! The best yet to come. You might say, I'm not #keriitleto anymore because you already get married or have a babies.No, you always #keriitleto and being #keriitleto is not just being a wife, mum, daughter to your parent but so much more.

Lastly, thanks for visit and read my blog.
I'm a bit emotional lately, so sorry about that. I will be fine and I will be okay.
Thank you so much.

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