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5 MUST try food in Ho Chi Minh City

Hi there~
I just landed home from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and now waiting for MM pick me up, so while waiting, I will share my 5 must try food in Ho Chi Minh city. I've been to Ho Chi Minh city quite many time now(I'm grateful for that!).Whenever I come here, these are some Vietnamese food that I love.I can say, sometimes I missed the taste of Vietnamese food when I didn't eat too long. Thanks to my colleagues here they got me to try new menu this time, which is Bun Cha, taste soo good!
Without further due, let's check out the food.

  1. Bun Ruei(bún riêu)
bún riêu is a Vietnamese crab based soup noodle dish.
The best place I ever eat this is near the Benh Than Market. They don't have their shop name, just on the street.
Price is around 50,000VND(this is maximum price, you can get lower than this).

  2. Pho Noodles
My all the time favorite.
I usually went eat this at Pho 24 but my colleague said, that's fast food one so I should go find the original one.
Price range: 59,000VND

  3. Banh Mi
When I feel tired to eat the noodles soup or something soup, I will go for this one. This one also you can easily find on the street.
Price range: 15,000VND

  4. Bun Cha
Newest favorite menu on the list,Bun Cha. According to my colleague, when Obama visit Vietnam, he went eat this one and now, Vietnamese called this as President noodles soup.This one taste amazing. I still remember the taste of the grilled pork, argghhh...just amazing.
Price range : 30,000VND

   5. Cha Gio

It's a spring roll and oh yes, its taste sooo good! I usually eat this during my breakfast in the hotel but that taste not really good. I've tried this other than hotel, oh myyy... taste sooo tasty and eat it while its hot.Yummmm!
Price range : 25,000VND.

I'm soo hungry now by looking at this food.
But, for now, let's go eat Malaysian food..hehe
If you have any questions or any suggestions, you can always comment below.
Oh ya, I will keep update this post from time to time because I need to confirm the shop name, so its easy for you to find when you go to Ho Chi Minh city in future.

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