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Sit still and do nothing

02 September 2017

Happy Saturday from another side of the world!
For today, I completely do nothing here. I feel so lazy to explore as I suddenly feel a headache after my morning walk, what a day! I just eat the medicine and go back to sleep. It feels so good. I'm grateful for sit still and do nothing today. It's been a long time since I do that.I always keep myself busy whenever I'm home in Malaysia. I want to take a break from every thing actually, I want everything to be slow down a bit so I can have time on my own. Now, it's the time. I appreciate this moment and I'm grateful I have a quiet and alone time as much as I wanted.Since I always come to Vietnam especially Saigon city, I feel lazy to explore around because I will buy something every time, I hate buying more stuff now.So, what I got from this activity today?

See me as a person
As I remember, this year, I always busy with my own schedule.
I'm kind of person that loves to stay at home and get inspired from internet.Learn something new from the internet, I love that. That's the real me. I love being away from people/crowded and do my own things. Forget about people around me but everything is changed lately. I keep myself busier than ever with my personal life, youth ministry and some unnecessary thing that I shouldn't do. When did my life become like this? So, whenever I come for business trip, I'm grateful as I can see and spent my own time and forget about everything back home.

Keep quiet
I don't know what happened to me but I prefer quiet time.
If possible, I want to stay in the quiet world and stay there forever but that's not going to happen. I choose to live in the crowded world. I'm not complaining now but sometimes, I need a quiet time.

Get inspired
I realized that I get inspired whenever it feels quiet and nobody with me.

Spend alone time with God
Oh boy, the easiest yet the hardest.

Sleep and shut down myself
I don't know about you, as I grew older, I love to sleep and I sleep whenever I have a time. This make me feel so good and forget everything. I love called this shut down myself.

Even though I'm doing nothing today and just sleep all day long but I feel satisfied..fuhh! It's so good to be sit still and do nothing. But, I never wish it like this every day, I want to get busier every day.


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