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The 12 years just gone

11 September 2017

Happy Monday!
It's a UPSR exams for our little boys today.
I can't believe they already 12 years old, how fast is the time goes. I rarely talked about my others nephews on my blog compare to Kang and Demma, they are so tiny and have a lot to talk about them. Last Saturday, I did a video call with my sister's family and for the first time ever, I feel so appreciate about technology. I rarely talk about technology on my blog because I always feel that technology help my life so much, so I no need to brag about it. Without technology, I don't think I can call my family back in my village and hear their voice after a long time.Yesterday, I video call with my sister's family and it's amazing to see my nephew and niece moving around.

I feel like I'm with them, such an amazing moment. The last snap was so cute. Some people said, technology makes you lazy but for me, it's a good thing if I know how to use it in my life. I can't wait to video call with my family again.As I grew older and been living far away from my family, this is one of the best things I ever did in my life.Now, I missed our little princess so bad and of course never forget about our demanai kawak,Engka. Aunty always love you and miss you. Oh ya, it's his big exam tomorrow, Good luck and God bless you Engka and not to forget my nephew in my kampung, his name is Roy but I called him Uloi, it's sound so Kenyah and I love that! Okay, I'm going to end this never end mumbling.
Finally, appreciate technology and use it wisely.
God bless you and God be with you,Engka and Uloi. Aunty love you two.I hope you guys find this article very soon and don't request Aunty to delete it, okay?


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