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20 things I've learned in our first year of relationship

Hi there~
Thanks for visiting my blog again even though I always MIA now. 
I was caught up in the busyness of life. I did less what I love and I become unhappy. I know, it's my choice to do what I want in my life but I don’t know why I just can do that, it’s weird. I think I was lost myself.I become like a lalang, go there and here. It worried me but I just can’t help to be like this. Especially when I’m in a relationship, I scared I lost myself and try to be what people want me to be, not what I want. I must be myself. I've read one book, its tell that there are two resources of love which is first one is God and second is yourself. Before I can love anyone in this world, I need to know to love God and myself better. After praying so hard for three years to be exact, God has answered my prayers, He sent me my best-friend, MM in my life.And, the journey is not easy so far.
So, here is 20 things I've learned in our first year of the relationship.


Another blessing

Happy Sunday~
I can't believe I forgot to share this photo story of another blessing in our big family, Bilong. This little boy so active and during this photo shoot, I feel like I'm exercising...haha (it's a good thing).
I feel so amazing to able to freeze the moment for Bilong and his family. I hope when he grow up, he will never forget me and remember this moment in his life.I hope one day, he can visit this post.
Bilong, be a good boy and full of faith.
For now, let's us enjoy the photos.

Another reason to be grateful

Hi there~
It's been awhile again.I'm sorry for MIA, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just busy with my life.I'm busier and get exhausted, then I tried to find a peace and one way for me to find a peace is spend time with my loved one, my family.So, I decided to canceled everything last weekend and go back to Perlis, where my sister's family staying.And, I take the opportunity to do what I love, which is taking photos. This time, I freeze the moment of our little princess Demma. It's a privilege to witness the wonderful work of God.I took her first photo when she still our little nugget ( still in my sister's tummy) and can't believe we got her in 2015(November!!), what's an amazing early Christmas gift for our family and especially for my sister's family.


Something special

Happy Sunday!
It's 1st October 2017! What?!
In 2 months, it will be Christmas 2017! and in 1 month, it will be my birthday month! wowww..amazing!!! But, despite that excited feeling, I'm a bit sad too because I will say bye bye to 2017!This special year really shows the different side of me and really tested my faith.