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Another reason to be grateful

07 October 2017

Hi there~
It's been awhile again.I'm sorry for MIA, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just busy with my life.I'm busier and get exhausted, then I tried to find a peace and one way for me to find a peace is spend time with my loved one, my family.So, I decided to canceled everything last weekend and go back to Perlis, where my sister's family staying.And, I take the opportunity to do what I love, which is taking photos. This time, I freeze the moment of our little princess Demma. It's a privilege to witness the wonderful work of God.I took her first photo when she still our little nugget ( still in my sister's tummy) and can't believe we got her in 2015(November!!), what's an amazing early Christmas gift for our family and especially for my sister's family.

She is one of the reasons to be thankful for this life.God is amazing for giving us a wonderful gift.Seeing this little girl shyly posing for her aunty's camera makes me laugh. Okay, I will be stopped that for now...haha.
This is my first time taking kids photos and it's not easy at all..haha, she does not really focus on me but her mum, always run toward the camera when she focused on me... I just enjoyed the short shooting with my latest model for #keriitletophotography.So, without further due, let's enjoy the cutest photos.
To prep this little model is not easy, thank you sister for helping..hehe

 Ready to posing??

Then, ending this wonderful moment with Mother-Daughter moment.

I laughed so hard on this last photo, seems Demma said "Mum, stop! Don't embarrass me! hahaha"

It feels so wonderful to freeze this moment with Demma.
I prayed that she grows up being faithful in God, kind-hearted to all people, sincere heart, and a wonderful lady as she is our forever princess. Also, I hope she will be happy see all these photos.

Last not least, thank you so much for visit and I hope you enjoy the photos.


Demma's outfit: DIY Ta-a Kelip by My Sister
Ta-a kelip is Kenyah traditional custome.

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