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Goodbye my 20s era | Challenge of continual growth

Life's challenges and opportunities never end.
Until the day you die, there will always be something new to experience, to learn and to give.
There are new people to meet, new places to go and new insights to gain.
God designed you to be a continual learner, a continual doer, a continual explorer of His creation and a continual giver. God never authorized a "retirement age" from any of those pursuits!

Hi there~
Finally, the day I waiting for is here. Whoaaa!!
I've been waiting for this day to come like a year...haha. I've been countdown for this day for 30 days, my boyfriend/best friend get annoying with me already. Even my colleagues friends, they are super duper uber annoying.Sorry guys!This year, my birthday is so special because finally, I'm not going for my annual birthday photo shoot alone but my best friend has come along and taken the photos for me and take photo with me too. I'm so happy and I'm blessed! I will share the photos on another post.
This time, I'm not going to share another lesson I've learned in this life, I think I share too much about life lessons with you guy already...haha. You can check my latest life lessons in my 20s era on my last week post, if you haven't read it, you can check this link out and read it. I promise you won't disappointed or not waste the data you have.
This time I'm going to share about continual growth. My 20s era already end but life must be going on and I've must keep updating myself for a better me.
So, how to be continual growth in this life?

There are few things in life more exciting than mastering a new skills or learning something new.

Decide that you will learn something new every day. Keep your mind alive. Stay creative.

I certaintly trust God to be the healer in all cases of sickness and injury, but I also know that God is pleased when we do our part to develop ourselves physically and mentally, so that we are in the best shape possible for healing to occur.

What is it you would still like to learn?
If it's something that burns within you, that's your passion and it's worth exploring.
If you need directions to a location, don't be too proud to ask for them.
If you need instructions on how to make something, do something, or fix something, seek instruction.
Ask! Don't assume.
There's no glory in ignorance. There's much to be gained by asking questions and seeking answers.

New habit do not cost anything to develop.They require only determination and discipline.

The ultimate challenge in all of learning is not to acquire more degrees or to be able to dazzle someone with your mental prowess but to be able to use what you learn.
The application of facts and principles to everyday life is what we call understanding.
Knowing when, why and how best to apply principles is wisdom.

At times, God may lead you to leave certain familiar environment. To stay in the same place and do the same things that you've been doing for years, and yet expect a different outcome is pure fantasy.
If you truly want different results in your life, you are going to have to do some things differently, think differently and perhaps believe differently.
Don't delay when God says " Go."
Don't dwell in your past. Aim for future.
Don't sit on the throne of old accomplishments. That was then, this is now. Set some new goals and get busy pursuing them.You can't look in the rearview mirror and focus on your future at the same time.

Any upward move in your life, toward any goal or the establishment of any new and positive habit, takes strength. No pain, no gain.
Change nearly always brings some excitement and some apprehension and in the process of change, there's nearly always some adjusting. Change, by its very nature, involves some giving up and letting go and some taking and learning new. Change can be painful, particulary when it leads us into unfamiliar territory.There's no shortcut for the process.
If a person wants to develop muscle, she has to go through the process.
If a person wants to develop character, make mental-habit adjustments, or develop emotional strength, there's a process. You can't bypass the prescribed process if you want to see the desired progress.

From time to time, God will prune you, correct you or teach you new lessons that may seem harsh to you. Accept His correction as being for your greater productivity and growth.Accept His correction as part of a bigger healing process in your life.

Give yourself a treat when you reach a milestone goal.
Don't wait for another person to give you the recognition you deserve. Recognize your own achievements and reward yourself!

The end goal of the self discovery process is not to sit alone and stare into the mirror of your soul, day in and day out but to give away the authentic you, to use your talents and abilities to benefit others and to bless a needy world.
Give it over to God.
And, get busy.
Eventually you have to quit staring inward and look up and out!

And, as for me personally, sometime it's hard to keep up with this continual growth as I always want in my comfort zone. But, years ahead I decided to willing to be continual doer in my life. As for now, let's check out my birthday photoshoot this year. Some of the photos was taken by my bestfriend and some of it using my loyal tripod.

Last words from me as 20s something girl,

You should be different today from who you were yesterday.
You should be different tomorrow from who you were last month.
There should be a constant transformation in your life. 
If you aren't changing and growing and becoming more than you were, ask what is stopping this flow of growth and development in your life.


Source: Dare to Dream by Paula White
Photography : Maclare from
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