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#keriitletostyle : Best skirt

11 November 2017

Happy Saturday!
It's been such a long time since I talked about my outfit on my blog.
As I already told you guys previously, I was having an issue with my body, its not an issue actually because it's my choice. I gained weight so much this year, I guess I'm happier or stressed..haha but I choose the happy lah. I'm happy so I gained weight and I ate like crazy and seems the world will end tomorrow. I also not sure why am I like that! Maybe one of the reason is I will be 30 years old next year so my metabolism is not working like it's use before. I guess, I don't know but I'm happy to feed myself with food, any foof. So, the result, I gained weight and my body not look so nice anymore. I lose confident to pose in front of my camera for my outfit diary or famously known as #ootd. But, everything change when I found this skirt from Bundle festival nearby where I lived. I bought 3 skirt for just RM10. What's an amazing deal and finding! I love it and I feel comfortable with it also it make me look a bit slim lah, a bit lah..please! hahahhaa.
So, after so is my outfit diary for last week.

Not to forget this man outfit. I love him in black and white... looking so good, my dear! 
And, with his's mum...I feel so nervous inside. Should I write about it on my blog?
 What the best thing about this skirt is it's cheapest and comfortable! SCORED 100%!!

Thank you so much for reading~


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