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My honest experience on being almost 30 years old

29 November 2017

In one day, my birthday will be here!
And, that's mean it's my last day as lady in her 20s...haha.Should I be happy or what? I don't know.
Yes, I will be enter my 30s next year(officially!). I know, I finally admit it! But, for now, I am almost 30 years old lady.
I do feel insecure about my age because for me, as you get older, people expectation of you becomes higher and bigger. People expect you to get married already, having a kid, having a secure job or having whatever perfect in this world. The reality is it's not easy as we think. I still working hard to make that happen in my life.
Back then, I always wonder how it will be like being 30s.So, when I finally my time has come, here what I experienced. Our experience maybe not same and I don't know about what you really feel but these what I feel.
For girls in her 20s, read carefully and take note(if you want).

#1: Easily getting tired
I can't believe this will happen to me. Back then, I used to do a lot of things at one time and I still feel energized. There's one time I asking my sister about their experience being almost 30s, my sisters told me, I will easily get tired. It's kind weird and I don't really believe it but I can feel it now. I really want to do many things but I don't have the energy to do it and feel tired. So, I ended up sleeping. I have eaten supplement but I don't think it's working for me. I still feel tired and less energized. One of my friends said I should go exercise. Yes, I think I should. I got heavier than ever now. I should start work out now. I should, yes, I'm serious.

#2: Sleep is the best thing I ever do.
I love this.
Whenever I have free time, I will sleep.
In this age, I think sleep is the best cure for anything.

#3: Always think about money
I think half of my head is all about money.
Every day I will keep thinking of it. How to make more money, how to pay that bills and how to manage my money better than before. I think of money a lot.Sometimes I love to think about it and sometime I just hate it because it's makes me feel stressful and feel messy with my life. But, no matter what it is, I need to face it and settle it like a almost 30 years old lady.

#4: Fear to change
As I getting older, I'm having a lot of commitments. So, that's make me hard to change.Especially when its come to career or job.But, fear or not, one day I need to change and challenge myself for a new career or path.For now, let's write my back up plan and prepare the strategy. Also, I keep pray for this too. On my praylist.

#5: Sometimes I think like this " Am I normal?"
This question will pop up whenever I heard of my friends or cousins getting married.Yes, I am normal and it's just not the right time for me to get married yet or having a kid. But, soon or later, I will get married to someone that I love and loved me as much as I love him.For now, I want to keep believe that I am normal, totally normal.

#6: I am no longer feel like I need to dress up or make up every time I go out.
I become so lazy on this.
Sometimes I just draw my eyebrows and I'm done! It's not really good this habit but this what's happening now. I rather feel and look like a mess than look beautiful now...haha. I tried to change this soon.I don't want to look old.I want to look good every time.

#7: I am no longer looking for people to love me
I am no longer looking for people to love me.Yes, I have my boyfriend so that why I'm not looking for anybody.What I mean is if I didn't have boyfriend this time, I will stay single ready to mingle and be happy with my life as I'm too lazy to get involved or attach with human. But, I've someone to love now and I appreciate him in my life. I want to love him every day even during the annoying day.

#8: My siblings and mum become my best friend
Whenever I need to call someone to talk, I will immediately think of my sisters. I don't care what they're doing...hahaha.I feel like they become my best friend now. No longer feel too attached to anybody now. The friends that used to be best friend is already feel like a stranger now. Few of them still my good friends but not like before. So, my siblings and my mum become my victim of drama.

#9: Oh dear friends, why I feel so distant? 
To be really honest, my friends now is my best friend, Marina, and Mac. Other than these two, like my childhood friends, my colleagues, my church friends, my university friends, I feel so distant already. Yes, people moved on with their own life.So, I totally understand that. It's not I'm not being their friends anymore, we are still friends but I feel so distant. I don't know why!

#10: Keep filter what's come into my brain
I no longer feel like I need to think of many things in my life. I always try my best to filter whatever comes into my head. If it's worth to think, then I think about it. I no need to think what people think or I don't need to think what people think about me. It's just used my mind's space and make my brain working slower. So, keep filtering.

So, that's it for my experience. I know, it's just few of it. If you want the full list, you can comment below.
Believe or not, I don't know what to expect to my 30s.
I don't want to expect anything, just enjoy the flow and learn and take photos along the way.
Life is meant to be joyful so be joyful!


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