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The best yet to come

Today is one of a meaningful day in my best friend's life.
It’s his convocation day after so long. Thanks to God for make this happen and also, for whatever He did for us in our life.I’m so thankful for able to be in the meaningful moment in my best friend’s life. You know what, the best feeling I ever feel was when I saw him come out from the hall, I feel so excited, happy, proud and thankful. Now, I wonder if my parent and siblings ever feel that way on my convocation last time? I hope they feel just like I feel here...hahaha.It feels so good to see the smile of people that we love, its make me believe life is wonderful.
So, I want to dedicate this post to my partner in crime/my best friend’s Mac.

Don’t compare your journey to anyone
Everyone has their life journey.
You can't compare yours to anybody else.This life is a journey.Maybe sometime you feel like your journey is bad or worst compared to other people but remember, God has created your journey and He has been with you along the way.

Don’t give up on whatever dreams you have
Don’t give up on your dream.
Dare to dream big then do it! As we get older, we tend to give up on our dreams because we think we can't do it anymore but don't be that way.Keep going and go toward your big dream. Dare to dream then doing it, remember!

Keep strong in faith
God is our foundation in this life.
Keep strong in faith even though you can’t see what ahead but keep in faith that God will be always there for you and the best yet to come.Don’t give up when you lose hope or feel like not faithful enough, it’s a process.Keep going and keep stronger!

Live for big purpose
This life is not just earning money, paying the bills that we have, impressed people but we live for a big purpose. God created us not just to earn money and pay bills but God created us for a big purpose.So, follow God's instructions and obey's His journey and plan for you.

God is a provider, don’t worry about anything.
Sometime we will not have enough but as I always remind you and as you always remind me, God will provide whatever we need. All we need to do is ask, work(do our parts) and lets God do His part. Don’t worry what to eat, what we going wear. God always provides what we need.

Take care of yourself very well
To live the life that God has designed for you, you need to take care of yourself very well. Eat and sleep well. Don’t ignore your health.As we got older, our health is a decline ( the fact) if we not taking care of it. If you not healthy, you can do whatever God has prepared you to do. Don’t forget to have enough sleep as sleep is one of the ways we can rest. Don’t ignore this.

Love God and love other people
The two important commands that God has given to us in this life.
Love God with all of your heart and love people around you with the love that God has to give to you.

Life is full of unknown and unpredictable.
We can’t see what’s ahead of us. Only God can see it. So, same goes for our relationship that we have. Maybe today you with me but one day, we maybe not each other because life is in God’s hand. While we still have a chance to be in each other's life, let's make sure that, be good to each other and be a good person with and without each other in our life. Be someone that obey God in everything we do and makes God is the foundation of our life.

Love yourself harder
Before you can love anybody in this world, you need to know that love yourself first. You can give love when you didn't even love yourself. How to love yourself? Forgive yourself when you do any mistakes, forget the past, don't say negative words to yourself, be confident in yourself. No matter what you do and happen in your life, keep loving yourself.

Fuhhhh... I wrote such a long articles today.
I hope this is useful for you guys as a reader as well. Live your life. Don't wait for the BIG moment to come but CREATE that moment. Always appreciate and be thankful for whatever you have. When you can give, give with a big heart.
God bless you guys.

To my best friend,
thank you for being my best friend and gave me loves every day. Let's keep our relationship in prayers and work together as a team for this journey.

And, I want to keep this best memories here.

keriitleto Paya
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