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The day I figure out what I want to do in my life

28 November 2017

Hi there~

I can't believe I'm writing this kind of article now.
In few days, I will be officially saying goodbye to my 20s era. It's been such an amazing journey so far. There's a lot of things happen that can really challenge me as a human being. Also, it takes many years for me to know what I want to do in my life...haha, funny, right?
So, here is a short list of what I want to do with my life, for now, I guess. This one maybe changes again, it's flexible list so don't expect this list to stay the same until the last day of my life. I'm writing this post to make sure you aware that, it's okay to not know where you headed now because it's a process to know what you want. So, to know what you want to do, make sure you keep exploring, an experiment so you can figure what it is.I've lived this life for 20 something years and I've tried so many things too and here what I come out with. I hope you find it's helpful for you to figure out what you want to do in your life.

#1: Live to honor God

This one sound so easy, right? Just live the life that without doing any sins, pray every day, read Bible every day and do all the Godly stuff. Yes, we can do that, definitely can. But, I know I'm living with my flesh and soul. The two things that keep myself having a battle within me.
I've learned that in this life, nothing can satisfy me. No people can love me unconditionally, no materials can really make me happy for a very long time. Everything is temporary in this life so to really make myself happy, I believe I need to live the life that honors God. I want to live to honor God in everything I do and each single seconds in my life. I know, maybe sometime I will fail as I'm human that full of selfishness but I want to choose to live the life that honors God until the day I leave this world. I know this is the hardest one but I want to choose to do this. When I'm falling, I choose to get up and start again and then, try my best.

#2: Live to love myself very much

No one else can really love me as much as I love myself. I may be blessed with someone that can love me as much as I know but I don't want to depend on anybody to make me feel loved. I believe in my happiness is start with love myself. When I'm loved, I can express the love to others better. That's what I believe in.

#3: Live to work hard

Nothing comes easy in this life.
Everything you want in this life, you need to work for it. When you work on something, work hard. Don't just do it, but do it passionately.

#4: Live to pay my bills on time

I want to live to pay my bills on time. I can't ignore this one as in this life, we will forever have bills in order to live. Whatever bills are that, I want to live to pay my bills on time.

#5: Live to pay off my debts on time and not to create a new one.

This modern life is full of debts and this is not exceptional for me. I have debts. I have a good one and the bad one. And, I choose to pay off my debts on time and not to create a new one.

#6: Live to love and respect my parent, siblings and the love of my life

In order to live the life that honors God, I want to choose to live the life that loves and respect my parent, siblings, the love of my life and people that older than me or overall, I want to choose the life that loves and respect people. Not an easy choice but I think this is the choice that I want.

#7: Choose to live with positive and real friends

Life is full negativity there's no denying about that.But, it's our choice to live the negative life or life that full of positively. The choice is yours.Also, I want to live with my real friends. There's  a lot of people can be your friends but it's so hard to find the real one. When you found the real one, keep them and appreciate them.

#8: Choose to live the life that I'm happy with

This is my life and I'm in charge on it. Yes, maybe sometime there's time I need to think about others too but at the end of the day, I'm in charge of this life and I want to make sure I am living the happy life.

#9: Live in the community that doesn’t afraid to change when need changes

Every day is the room to change and always get ready for the changes. I want to be and live in the community that doesn't afraid to change in order to get better in this life.

#10: Live to do what I love ( photography and creative business)

The reason I want to live forever!
I want to live the life to do what I love.

#11: Live with good communication with my partner of life, his family, and my family

I believe in good communications is a good life.
I don't believe in people can read my mind. If I want something, I must say or tell about it.That's how we live, we communicate.Not assume.

#12: Live to produce the good generations

One day, I will have a bunch of kids and I love to have them in my life.And, I don't want to have them for the sake of the normal cycle of life but I want to expand the kingdom of God, teach them about the wonderful God and choose to create, shape the good generations. Again, it's not an easy one but that's what I choose.

#13: Live to learn, improve and empower others

This life is not staying the same, not stay at the same level but life is continual growth, improve myself and empower others with what I've learned.

#14: Live the life that keeps giving

I want to keep giving not because I have many or not because I want God blessed me even more but I want to keep giving so I can share the burden, share my blessings and know the value of receiving anything from others. Especially giving to people that close to me like my family, relatives and friends.

#15: Live the minimal life

I want to live in the house that full of white, gray, black and clean color. I don't want too much of anything, I want everything just minimal.
Same goes for how I want to dress, I want to live the minimal style. I want to live the life that I can afford and enjoy, not ever want to wish for more than I can afford.

Reading this article myself, make me realized that, what I want in my life now is so different than the younger version of me. It's so amazing to see this differences. I am no longer want for something that people have but I want to live the life that I want, I no need to follow whatever what people do in their life but I want to explore a different path in this life, see the different things than what usually people see. Don't be afraid to ask yourself this normal question " What I want to do in my life?". The question is look simple but it's so powerful to see what you want to do every day.

I leave you guys with my favorite mantra in this life,
Never stop exploring, 
keep learning, 
keep improving, 
and believe in love. 
Live the life that God has designed for you.
Don't forget to enjoy the life journey.



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