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Damus & Masnie Wedding Day - Bintulu Wedding Photography

Hello there!
It's been such a long time since I posted anything on my blog. I was out of town ( I go back to my hometown) so I can't post any post on time. This time, I want to share my latest #keriitletophotography project.Congratulations to Damus and Masnie for their wedding day and thank you for let me freeze your treasure moment. The photos will be send out to you soon and for now, here is the photos that can I share.


Why we celebrate Christmas?

Hi there~
Don’t be surprised with the title. I don’t know what’s your religion background when you read this post but I really want to share why we should celebrate Christmas. I know, I know. You must be surprised when read the title post today. Don’t be stunned by the title but asked yourself, why we celebrate Christmas?
Being Christian since I was born as I born in second generation of Christian family. So, eventually I celebrate Christmas and I’m proudly said, I am celebrate Christmas. When the Christmas season comes, I will so busy thinking of gifts for my siblings, parent and nephews or friends or myself. I’m so busy thinking of what food should we serve during open house in our village during this year Christmas. What menu? What this and that? Should we decorate our house this year? And the list go on. I don’t know about you, I was lost. I honestly admit, I lost the meaning of Christmas. I have realized that, I celebrated Christmas for food, for myself and myself. I forget the real Christmas celebration for what. It’s such a sad event in my life. I hope you’re not like me. I hope you still remember the meaning of Christmas.
Just in case, you forget the real reason why we celebrate Christmas, I studied about why we celebrate Christmas?


My double life as wedding photographer

Hi there~
Happy Sunday~. I don't know what's wrong with me and I'm thinking to write this kind of post as I rarely talk about it but I love it. Usually, I just posted the photos I took on my blog, social media and website and I never talk about how I feel when I take those photos. So, today I want to share about my double life as a wedding photographer. I called it double life because some people don't really know I am a freelance wedding photographer. I still a beginner even after so many years now, I still have to learn and I don't know if I can be called myself as a wedding photographer but I love that, so I will just call myself that and hopefully, it come very true in near future. Being a wedding photographer is one of the best things I can do for myself. I love to freeze people treasure moment in their life, I feel like I am a superwoman. I love the sense of responsibility and I love the enjoyment of the clients satisfied and love the photos. I'm willing to hear whatever criticisms about my work too even though it's hardest I feel. I never dreamed being a wedding photographer before. I don't even know what as a wedding photographer and I don't even know what is photographer, is it a job? I never have a seen camera as a little girl and what I remember is there's time for a class photo and our photo will be taken, I remember I love that, and I know everyone does.So, you may curious, since when I love photography? and why did I choose to do it?how is it feel?



Today is my dear friend’s birthday!
Happy Birthday to you Usun.
I’m thankful because this year we have an opportunity to celebrate our birthday together after so long. The last time we celebrated our birthday together is 2008 or 2007? During our matriculation time.The time has move so fast and fast forward, we’re 29 years old now. She was blessed with 3 kids  and many blessings in her life and I’m blessed too with the things that I never imagined before. We have been so blessed for these years. God is always with us and never leave us in whatever situations.


Nelsion & Alice Wedding Day - 2 Dec 2017

The season has come.
Here is my latest wedding photography.


The reality of pursue your dream

Hi there~
As you read this, I am at airport waiting for my delayed flight or on the plane or arrive in Miri. I don't know but whenever you read this, first of all, thank you for visit and start to read my blog. Today is the first day of my business trip for My super duper uber small company for photography and creative design, I am still working hard to make it. This is not my first time went for a business trip, I've been blessed to go for many business trips for my main work before but this is the first time I traveled to work for my feel so nervous and anxious. I don't know what ahead of me but I choose to be happy to do what I love. When talking about doing what you love, it's sound interesting and fantastic, right? You can imagine work easily and do whatever you want and for sure, feel amazing. I feel amazing whenever I'm working for, the reality of doing what I love is hit me harder. So, for these past years since I trying to pursue my passion in photography, I can see and tasted the reality of doing what I love. I don't mean to scare or make you give up on your dreams but I like to show the reality, not fantasy.
So, without further due, here is the reality of pursue my dreams.