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Today is my dear friend’s birthday!
Happy Birthday to you Usun.
I’m thankful because this year we have an opportunity to celebrate our birthday together after so long. The last time we celebrated our birthday together is 2008 or 2007? During our matriculation time.The time has move so fast and fast forward, we’re 29 years old now. She was blessed with 3 kids  and many blessings in her life and I’m blessed too with the things that I never imagined before. We have been so blessed for these years. God is always with us and never leave us in whatever situations.

I’m so blessed to having friends like her in my life.But, I do have so regretful moment with her.
I feel regret and sad for not able to see her in her wedding day. But, I look in the bright side about this. I know I will cry if I’m there so it’s better for me, not being there, just like when one of my best friend getting married, I was cried hard because I miss her.She is one of the friend that I can rely on no matter where, she is the one that know how bad I am and how my struggle and what’s my strength. I can call her friend for life.No matter how far we are but she always feel close to me.
I’m thankful I know her in my life. Bro, you’re so special for me and you deserve to have one dedicated post in my blog ( . When one day, one of us will no longer on earth, I want our kids or people that close to us know us know about our friendship.
Since I am a bit older than her, so I want to share few life advices with you bro. I may not have many but I want to say it.

No matter what please remember, you’re special and don’t look down on yourself despite anything that we have done. Look at yourself as God’s creation. God never create us to be ordinary but He created us to be extraordinary.

Enjoy this life journey and never feel like your journey is not good as other people’s journey but that’s your life. Enjoy it! If you feel don’t like it, change it because your life is your choice.

Please remember to take care of yourself while taking care of others. I know, it’s a lot but try your best to take care of yourself so then you can take care of others very well.

Please take care of your kids very well, when you don’t know, please look for advise and when you need help, please look for help, don’t torture yourself.

Happy 29th Birthday Bro!
I love you.


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