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The reality of pursue your dream

01 December 2017

Hi there~
As you read this, I am at airport waiting for my delayed flight or on the plane or arrive in Miri. I don't know but whenever you read this, first of all, thank you for visit and start to read my blog. Today is the first day of my business trip for My super duper uber small company for photography and creative design, I am still working hard to make it. This is not my first time went for a business trip, I've been blessed to go for many business trips for my main work before but this is the first time I traveled to work for my feel so nervous and anxious. I don't know what ahead of me but I choose to be happy to do what I love. When talking about doing what you love, it's sound interesting and fantastic, right? You can imagine work easily and do whatever you want and for sure, feel amazing. I feel amazing whenever I'm working for, the reality of doing what I love is hit me harder. So, for these past years since I trying to pursue my passion in photography, I can see and tasted the reality of doing what I love. I don't mean to scare or make you give up on your dreams but I like to show the reality, not fantasy.
So, without further due, here is the reality of pursue my dreams.

1. This love cannot afford my bills
The truth that really hard to accept for this moment. I still need to work hard to pay all the bills that I have, the bills that I created myself. Even though this passion of mine can't afford my bills yet but I will never stop and I will keep going.

2. Always want to give up but this is what I love.
Sometimes I feel like I want to give up since it's hard and sometimes no one appreciate or give any token on what am I doing. Just me, I like the stuff that I love so much. Sometimes I feel "syok" sendiri, thinking people will understand and liking what I did but not everyone can understand this.

3. It's hardest but I love it.
The hardest thing I ever experience in this world so far is to make my dreams really come true and be happy about it all the time.I constantly face the hardship whenever I do what I love but I still love doing it.

4. Some people will not understand it.
Not everyone will understand what you love.
I'm lucky enough as some friends and family member always give me encourage on what I did but some people don't really understand the fire burning inside me. Such a crazy journey.

5. The passion will "burned" you if you not careful.
I've learned that, this passion is like a fire. The fire that wake me up in the morning and stay overnight like a crazy person in the night. To be really honest, at one point or many point of this journey, there's many times I feel "burned" because of the decisions that I need to make on my own.

6. Sometimes, there's time to cry and feel down.
Since I found my passion in photography and creative design, there's time I cry so hard on my own because I feel it's hard and I constantly feel down because so many reasons but again, it's something that I love and I wanted to pursue in my life so I will just go ahead.

7. Many things to sacrifice
Not just energy, money but a lot! To do what you love, get ready to sacrifice whatever you have in order to pursue what you love.Sound scary? hahaha.. I believe in brave to take a risks in this life so we can push ourselves harder.

8. Keep learning and never stop
In order to do what you love, you need to keep learning and keep uprading yourself about what you love.

9. Sometimes, I feel so tired
This one I really can't control this. As I grew older, my body is not like what it used to when I'm a lot younger. So, in order to find what you love, discover it early so you can your young time to do it and be succesful when you older. But, it's okay to work for it even when you older as its keep you active. I've learned to be active.

10. Be independent
When I started to work on photography business, there's nobody with me. Just me. I need to learn everything on my own. Start from how to manage the business, how to upgrade my skills and how to deal with clients and so many. I need to be independent on this.

All those make you scared to pursue what you love, right?
In anything in this world, we always have a choice to look in which side. It's your choice to The bright side of doing what you love.So, as for me, I always remind to look at the bright side in everything in this life.So, here is the bright side of doing what I love.

1. Happiest people on earth
When I do what I love, I know I am the happiest person ever. I feel good and no one can make me feel that way except my best-friend/boyfriend. I am the happiest when I take photo and my clients love it. The best feeling in the world.When hardest time come, I remember this feeling. I keep remind myself, I want to keep this feeling forever.

2. Make me keep in faith
In everything I plan and do in this life, I always keep my faith in Christ. The small to big things I want to keep in faith.One day, I will make it and I need to keep in faith.

3. Never give up attitude
I always remind myself, never ever give up on something that make me feel like I want to live forever. I sometime failed but I choose to get up and do it again...better!

4. Love myself more
By doing what I love, I become to love myself more... like a crazy! I know what's my potential and my capability. I never want to look down on myself in this entire life. I want to forever want to love me more, do what I love and live the life that honor God.

Again, I posted this article not to scare you but to make sure you aware that to pursue your dreams or to do what you love, you need to be strong and never give up. Keep going, you'll get there soon.
So, if you dare to dream, you can do it! It's your choice to pursue it or not.
If you really want your dream to come true, dare to take a risks and be able to follow the journey.
For dreamers out there, what you waiting for?
It's almost end of 2017, don't give up! Keep dream and pursue it!

Thanks for reading and see you on next article.


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