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Why we celebrate Christmas?

21 December 2017

Hi there~
Don’t be surprised with the title. I don’t know what’s your religion background when you read this post but I really want to share why we should celebrate Christmas. I know, I know. You must be surprised when read the title post today. Don’t be stunned by the title but asked yourself, why we celebrate Christmas?
Being Christian since I was born as I born in second generation of Christian family. So, eventually I celebrate Christmas and I’m proudly said, I am celebrate Christmas. When the Christmas season comes, I will so busy thinking of gifts for my siblings, parent and nephews or friends or myself. I’m so busy thinking of what food should we serve during open house in our village during this year Christmas. What menu? What this and that? Should we decorate our house this year? And the list go on. I don’t know about you, I was lost. I honestly admit, I lost the meaning of Christmas. I have realized that, I celebrated Christmas for food, for myself and myself. I forget the real Christmas celebration for what. It’s such a sad event in my life. I hope you’re not like me. I hope you still remember the meaning of Christmas.
Just in case, you forget the real reason why we celebrate Christmas, I studied about why we celebrate Christmas?

1.     God come to find lost people and save them
Luke 19:10
The Son of Man came to find lost people and save them.
This Christmas is the day for us to say thank you to the Lord because God has sent His Son for us so we can be saved. We once lost but because of God, we now found.
This Christmas is all about God decision to sent His Son to find lost people and save them.

2.     Reminder for us to be wise men and wise women
Matthew 2:2a
We learn to be seekers of the truth.
Two kinds of people in life when it comes to truth: speculators and seekers.
Speculators make guesses about the truth. Speculators think they know what God is like. They love to argue and discuss God but they’re just guessing because they don’t really want to know the truth.They only want to talk about him.
On other hand, God loves those who take the time to find him.Seekers do four things:
·      They ask questions,
·      They study,
·      They watch what is happening around them,
·      They do whatever it takes to find answers.
They seek after Jesus with all they have. God loves seekers.
Deuteronomy 4:29 NIV
“But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

3.     Give him our trust.
Faith is a voluntary matter. Jesus doesn’t have your trust unless you give it to him. He will never force it.

4.     Make Jesus first place in your heart.
If anything or anyone other than Jesus holds first place in your life, it’s an idol. This Christmas, choose to make Jesus first in your finances, interests, relationship, schedule and even in your troubles.

5.     Give Jesus your heart.
Your heart is what you love,what you value and what you care about most. Jesus says “ Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” ( Luke 12:34 NIV). One important way you give Jesus your heart this Christmas by giving your resources to his work.Jesus doesn’t need your money but he wants what it represents your heart.

6.     Bring other people to Jesus.
God wants a family more than anything else this Christmas. He wants children who choose to love and trust him. It is the reason we celebrate Christmas. Invite someone to Jesus this Christmas. Tell someone to Jesus this Christmas. Tell someone about what Jesus has done in your life.

Christmas is not just about gift giving, decorate, big meals or just spending time with your friends and family but Christmas is all about Good news of God’s love. Maybe some of you feel weird why did I share this kind of article now? Everyone know what is Christmas for. But, as I see around me, I realized that, the meaning of Christmas is slowly forgetten. Everyone thinks Christmas is all about gifts, decorating, social meeting or just a holiday at the end of year, I hope this article will help you realized and remember what Christmas really is.Don’t keep it yourself but tell your family and friends about the meaning of Christmas.Don’t allow the meaning of Christmas is forgetten.

Merry Christmas from me and team ( my partner )


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