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After Christmas 2018 Photo Diary ( Part 3)

On 30 December 2018, I just staying home. Sleeping...the best ever. 
On 31 December 2018, we went to the newest mall in Bintulu, The Spring to cuci mata.  After cuci mate, we went Tanjung Batu Beach, the usual place I went whenever I come back to Bintulu.


After Christmas 2018 photo diary ( part 2)

On 29 December 2018, I went back to Bintulu town.
I cari penyakit.


After Christmas 2018 photo diary ( Part 1)

After Christmas, I getting better and well. Fuhh! Thanks God!
It's time to spent time with the family. Usually just stayed home, chat and eating together also bullied my nephew, Kang...haha. This time, we do the funny hairstyle for him.
Without further due, let's check it out.


Christmas holiday 2018 photo diary ( part 3)

This is the best photo I ever captured during Christmas 2018.
The highlight of most of the photos.
It's Kang and my mum early morning photo in our veranda.


Christmas holiday photo diary ( part 2)

Since I was sick on 23 & 24 December so the part 2 will be start at 25 December 2018. It's the time for open house. As per usual, during early morning, we prepared the food that we want to serve for open house. This year, we do simple menu like selukung ( traditional kenyah food), ayam panggang, tung ubi goreng ( traditional kenyah food), ayam kicap , steamed fish and lia akau, that's it! No fancy but we thankful for the blessing from God this year.


Christmas holiday 2018 photo diary ( part 1)

My year-end holiday in 2018 is just ended! arghhh....
The time move so fast during the holiday. This year, before the Christmas I'm getting sick ( fever and headache). I guess I'm not used to travelling anymore. So, here is my photo diary ( part 1).


Something new

17 December 2018
The day I never forget. It's different new experience for me.
One of my sister said, it's practice time...haha. Yes, whoaaa.. it's something new for me! I don't really know how I feel now...haha. So, without further due, let's continue read.


How's my life in 2018?

I just put my niece to sleep...fuhh!
I became babysitter tonight because my sister and her husband go for dinner ( her husband's work dinner). So, I help them to babysitting their kids for one night. This is challenging for me as I never put any toddler to sleep before this and I know, it's never easy. I need the art of negotiations. Just now, I let her watch her cartoon on my laptop and playing with my "badboy". You know what, 'giving up' my laptop is never easy especially to my niece... I love my laptop so much! But, for this princess, everything can lah!
Okay, let's go to the topic now. Today, I will share about my life in 2018 as it's almost come to end for 2018! So, it's time to reflect and see what has happened this year so far.
Without further due, let's continue to read.


IKEA Cheras with the family

I love IKEA.
I love to bring my loved one here too. I love to see and get inspired from the house decorations. Whenever our family come to KL, this is place we always bring them. It's kind of usual thing to do now...haha. Sometime we went here just to eat the meatballs and chickens, love it!
This one is one place you must visit when you come to KL.
So, here is our photos in IKEA Cheras last week.


Exploring the KL city with my sister's family via MRT

Last week has been one of the great weekend I have this year.
My sister and her family come to KL and staying with me. The best!! I love when my family come to KL and stay at my house and make the house as their own. I love it! The house is full and crowded. That why I love the big house so everyone can fit in. Move over that, I want to share my photos during our explore time on Saturday. I can't believe I don't know how to travel using public transport here in KL....buahahhaa. 


What its like to live in Semenanjung/West Malaysia?

Today, I want to share how's my life in West Malaysia so far.
I think it's a good to share this experience so you can have a glimpse on how's my life here so far. I've been lived here for almost 11 years now. This is including my 4 years studying and 7 years as a working adult. Since I choose to moved here, I have different kind of life experience. To be honest, there's time I feel regret of this choice because I always think of my family. But, I loved being here so can't help if you love something.
On this article I will share how's my live here so far. I think mostly the obstacles I have faced so far.
Without further due, let's check it out.


Our first met and the beginning

I don't know how to start this... I can't stop smiling when recalling all the sweet memories.
I choose to share this here so I can show it to our future kids or they can read about it when they can read and I want to read it when there will be the hardest time in our journey. I'm sure there will be a bumpy road on our journey so I want this as a reminder for me to keep going strong as we have a wonderful story and how hard for us to be together in this journey together.
Without further due, here is our love story.

Our first met

We first met at one church in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. It's SIB Cheras in 2013. I went to church every Sunday for Sunday service and usually after Sunday service, there will be fellowship among us but usually, I will not joining and I just go back early. I have a busy life.
And, I saw my husband now every Sunday as he played music instrument for the worship time but I never get to know him. I leave early after all. 
In 2015, I started to get involved in Youth Ministry as my friend asked me to joined her. And, that time my husband now was appointed to be Youth leader in our church and he need some people to joined him to form a team for Youth Ministry. And, at the same time my friend asked me to joined her because she going back to Sarawak after get married end of 2015 so I joined because I bored and she is my friend. 
Little that I know, I get to know this wonderful man without even realised.
One day, there text from unknown number on my phone and I read it. Since I don't know the number and the message seems asked about church things, so I asked my friend whether she know whose number and my friends excitedly tell me that's my husband phone's number. Since I know him, I just replied what he asked me. 
To be honest, I don't really feel anything that time. I assumed he got a girlfriend, I don't want to bother other's boyfriend. At that same time, I am still in the process of recovering from my heartbroken, I broke up with my first boyfriend in 2013 after 5 years. It's been 2 years plus since my heartbroken so I don't really interested in relationship if its not the right person, I am tired to get to know people, in love and then break up. I want to be very careful when coming to the relationship this time. I don't want just another relationship and another ex-boyfriend. I don't want to have a collection of ex-boyfriends. 
But, we just texted each other due to church things and stuffs. For me, just texted a friend. Sometimes we did ask personal stuff to each other because of course, we are curious about each other. One funny thing my husband asked me during this time was " When did you take your SPM?", so I told him " Simply I replied 2015". And, his replied make me laughed even until now, he answered " so, you're born in 1988, right? "...buahahhaa. He actually wanted to ask my age but in an indirect way. We keep texting each other and at the same time, I also frequently travelled overseas due to work.

The beginning
Day after day, I find my husband is interesting. I don't know but I keep it myself and pray to God to guide me on whatever it is. We say good morning and good night to each others every day and I feel good. So, as the day goes by, I always looking forward for his message and calls. When I went out of country, I find I miss him like never before. I miss him more than I miss a friend and actually, I secretly checked my criteria on him...hahaha and he fulfilled the main criteria which are same religion and believe with me but I'm not sure how to next. I don't want to rush because I'm scared and I'm not sure whether he also feel the same. I feel terrible whenever he sent me to airport. I missed him a lot! 
Then, I went for business trip to Sydney, Australia... this time I feel totally different! I am certain about my feeling toward him now. I cried on plane because I missed him. I missed him a lot! I missed him until I feel not well but since this is travel for work so need to go on. My days went as usual in Sydney but it's 3 hours different. It become a bit hard for me. 
So, one fine night, I went to bed early because I feel got high fever, imagine I get sick at oversea but luckily I did bring my medicine so I think sleep will make me feel okay. So I went to bed quite early on that day and I missed him so bad.
On 2:00 am(Sydney time), I feel my phone is vibrating so I wake up and I saw there text from him. I opened it and I can't believe what I see. He texted me the THREE words!!! I jumping on my bed like crazy! Yes, I sleep and jumping like crazy. Thanks no one sees me. 
I told him, I been waiting for it but I need to hear the three words live! But, I'm at Sydney now and I need to stay in Australia for 2 weeks and I just finish my first week. Since my fever is getting worst, I asked my boss whether I can come back and asked someone to replace me and she sent another member. Thank you to my boss K.Huda, Ijan and Naj for allowed me to come back. You guys make my story complete and I'm sorry for make a sudden change that time. This is the crazy thing I ever do in my life so far. I can't wait to see him and hear that three words LIVE!
When I come back to Malaysia and I feel it's take longer than usual.  I feel the plane move to slow and I can't sleep on the plane. I just can't wait to come back and arrive. 
When I arrived at the airport, he already there! waiting for me! I still remember how nervous he was... and I feel super duper excited seeing him. I feel like my dream has come true! So, he sent me back to my rented house, I take bath and we going out after that. On my car or at church parking lot, he said the three words live to me!
He said : I love you!
I replied : I love you more!
We still say this words exactly the same now and love it.
I still fall for him every day and I want to keep fall in love with him every day in my whole life.
I'm thankful my prayers has been answered.
I'm grateful for call you my love, Maclare.
You make my life worth to live and I'm ready to go on this life journey with you. I don't know what will happen in future but my prayers every day to God that we will always fall in love with each other, respect each others and support each other in whatever we want to do in our life.
Let's do this together.
This love story is not end yet.
It's still on going and I want it to be forever.

I love you,Maclare with all of my heart every day.

God is love.


How I design our engagement announcement and you can do it too!

Our engagement already done and it's time to share tips and what I have learned.
I know, everyone don't have time to design good looking poster for the invitations for your ceremony. Everyone want something fast and beautiful nowadays. So, here I present the solution for you.


How I save money when buying flight tickets

Hi there~
It's the season of hunting or buying flight tickets is here! We are going back for Christmas or year end holiday. Yeahhh...who excited? I always excited whenever come but my wallet never excited!
For us, Borneo people, going back for Christmas is must. After almost 1 years, finally we able to go back and see our beloved family. But, sometimes after see the flight tickets price, we feel burden and for some people, they decide not to going back because the flight tickets price is expensive. I cannot control the airline price since I am not related to them (obviously) so what I can share is how I save money when buying flight tickets.
Want to know how?
Read until the end and there will be bonus at the end of this article so be patient.


Different kind of life

Hello there~
Fuhh..finally I have time to write on my blog...arghhh... this week has been so busy.My work is keep busy (I'm thankful, I prefer being busy than bored) and my after work is always have plans, I am not complaining. I love it but sometimes, I need to spend time on my own, put in action on my dreams or personal life objectives. I usually spend time on my pursue my dreams after work or before I go to sleep every night.
Again, I'm not complaining but I found my life is different kind of life now...


My 30s birthday celebrations

Hello there~
My birthday celebration is already over but I still feel thankful for another year in my life. Yes, I am getting older and hopefully I'm wiser than before....haha. I will try my best everyday. I'm officially 30s now, fuhhh! it's feel different! I know, people said it's old but I don't want to think that way. I want to think it's in different way. I'm at my level 30 now, think it's like a game. Life is a game after all, right?
When I'm in my 20s, I planned to have a big celebration for my 30s birthday. Yes, I have a big celebration from my friends and my fiancé. My dream has come true! So, here I shared my 30s birthday celebration for the sake of memories.


Officially 30s...

The day I am waiting for is here!
It's 30 November 2018. The day I officially 30 years old women.
And, I wrote this post when I'm on my late twenty yesterday....haha, so actually this is my last post as twenty something girl. It's been 10 years since my 20s...whoaa! God is good! I'm thankful I finally come to this day and I'm thankful I reach this far. So, since it's been 30 years I'm on earth, I want to share my life experiences from my early 20s to now.Since this is my first ever post as a 30 years old women, I will share about advises( expected from me now..haha). I am REALLY big sister now. So, I think I can share with you guys what have I learned and experience. Without further due, please read more. You won't disappointed.


Birthday countdown 2018

Happy Monday~
In 5 days, I will be officially 30 years old. I'm getting OLD already...
As per usual, I will do countdown every year. It's my annual habit. My colleagues and friends already feel annoyed with this habit, sorry guys! But, there's someone that never annoyed with this countdown, it's my fiancé! I confirmed with him already, he said not annoyed and also, he no choice too la...haha, no matter what, need to like it.
This year, the countdown is a bit different because...


My first caroling in my life

Hello there~
Yesterday we making another memories together. It's our first ever caroling. From what I know, he joined the caroling every year but for me, I always busy end of year so I'm not able to join.But, this year, I am so lucky! I finally able to joined and enjoying this activities.So, here is some of the photos. I will keep it here for the sake of memories.
It's almost Christmas....finally!


One of my big dream

Happy Thursday! and tomorrow is Friday!!! are you excited? I know you are.
For me, it's doesn't matter anymore for me, whatever day it is, I am thankful for the day I have in my life. Today, I want to share an update about my house or #keriitletohome, it's been such a long time since my last update. For previous update, you can find here. I don't know what to update as there not much progress because I currently focus on other things ( pay the bad debts and wedding preparation).
But, this evening when I come back from my work and as per usual...


#keriitletowedding preparation update

Hi there~
Arghhh...finally I have time to sit down and write about our wedding preparation. 
After we get engaged on 18/Aug, I don't know what to do(really! I don't know what's next! I'm a bit blur...haha). Now I know why some of my friends that engaged before, seems blur after their engagement. It's happen to me too. I don't know why that happened. I guess the nature want me to enjoying the engagement moment and yes, I am really enjoying it. I feel thankful and blessed to engaged to the man I've been pray for and I loved.Now, here we are, trying together to get closer to our journey life together. 
Since, I am working lady so I don't really have much time to plan for the wedding, but I can't use that as excuse so I need to really start plan no matter what.
So, what's the update so far?


Advance Merry Christmas & relationship advice from us

Happy Monday~
This is our second Pre Christmas this year. As I shared before, we celebrate Pre Christmas because we will don't have chance to celebrate together as we will celebrate at our own kampong. So, we want to wish you guys Advance Merry Christmas to those going to celebrate it on December. I  will going back to my kampung so there will be no internet connection so I can't wish you guys Merry Christmas so better do it now.And, as per usual, I share our fun photos during Pre Christmas for the sake of memories. I am very bad of keeping the photos now.
And, I want to share few relationship advices that we learned along the way of our relationship journey.


I'm back...the real comeback!

Hi there~
I'm back!
really back! 
officially back! 
never leave again! :)
I guess I need to re-introduce myself again...haha. I'm Aya, Sarawakian girl lived in Selangor. This is my blog, www.keriitleto.com. It's about my life experiences and life topics.
Before this I consistently blogging but I've been busy with my life, living like a "nomad" in 2017, move here and there, and in the beginning of 2018, I settled down at my first house hence no internet connection for many months.I do posting some posts this year but its on and off because of no internet. I only blogging when I feel like want to eat McDonald.I'm blogging at McDonald...haha), the hardest!
I really missed my blog.


Quite In Love With Beautiful Flowers From A Better Florist Malaysia

It’s safe to say that I am quite in love with beautiful flowers.
They have the power of making every occasions more beautiful, every day more inspiring, every mood simply more lifted. As soon as I saw the flower selection on A Better Florist’s website, I was in love! Have you had the opportunity to shop from A Better Florist? If not, you will want to after reading this article.


Review: Organic chia seed

Hi there~
As I grow older, I realised that I didn't take care of myself very well. I gained weight so much and it's seems uncontrollable now. I'm trying to lose weight now, it's super hard but one of my baby steps is drink a lot of plain water. Honestly, I don't like drink plain water, it's taste not good. But, now I seems no choice. I need to drink a lot of water in order to start to lose weight.


Celebrating first Pre Christmas 2018

It's November and the Christmas holiday is around the corner now. 
Just like other previous year, we are celebrating our first Pre Christmas on November because majority of us will go back to Borneo to celebrate Christmas and New Year holiday with our family. As for us, this is our first Pre Christmas celebration as a engaged couple! yeah! 
I share photos of us having fun after the celebration.


Never forget ( Our visit to Pusat Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia)

One date that I never forget in my life.Usually its all about me but this time, it's not me anymore.
For the first time, I went to Pusat Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia(Malaysia Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children). This activity was organized by our Youth Ministry in SIB Cheras.  I never do such thing before so its a bit awkward and it's feel another world.
I heard interesting experiences from all the participants but I'm glad I spent my time here and here its our photos on that day.


It's finally freedom

Hi there~
This is my late post... I have been talking about this since the beginning of November 2018.
If you follow me on my social media (IG & FB) then you already know I mentioned about freedom. But, here I will share more details about this.
Without further due, let's read more.


Finally mine

That's my baby!
His name is Badboy! Finally it's mine! After 1 year and 6 months. This badboy is payoff last month...Thanks God. This is one of my dream come true. I really love Macbook because it's Mac. I love everything that sound like Mac.I love Macbook, I love Maclare and I love eat french fries at McDonald...everything sound so Mac, I love it! Yes, I'm not kidding.


My engagement dress

Hi there! It's another overdue post on my blog. It's about special dress in my life. It's my engagement dress. I get many compliments about this dress, thank you.I can’t wait to share about my engagement dress.There’s sweet, funny and silly memories about this dress. 


The proposal

Hi there~
Another personal story from me, I hope you guys don't mind.
I still can't believe that I am engaged to the man that loved me and I loved him deeply. I am forever grateful and not take this moment for granted. Oh ya, this post is in conjunction of our 1st month of engagement, another 11 months to go!
Since we’re engaged now so I guess I can talk about this. It’s all about the proposal.
How’s my fiance asked me to get married? Do I get proposed? How is it?


From Sabah to Sarawak looking for love

Hi there!
Lately, as you can see or read on my blog, I shared a lot of my personal life story. 
I guess this year is my year to share my personal story on my blog. I was hesitate to write up about my personal life story actually because it’s my personal story but I love blogging so can't help!
This time, I want to share about my fiancé and his family journey from Sabah to Sarawak looking for love or come for our engagement ceremony.
It's interesting story so keep reading...hehe, if you want.


How do I feel after my engagement?

Hi there~
Since I come back from my hometown with the new status, some of my friends has been asking me, how do I feel after get engaged?
I always jokingly said " rasa oren"....hahhaaa but let me share how do I feel after the engagement here.


Every little thing

Hi there~
I guess this one need to share here. My intention was to show how beautiful all the "hantaran" from my fiancé's family.They work hard to make it so it's waste not to share to my reader here.  I really appreciate it. For Kenyah culture, we don't have something like this so it's amazing to see these beautiful stuffs.I love everything and I appreciate it so much.
One interesting story about these hantaran.


DIY geometric paper background for our engagement ceremony

Today I have a fun geometric paper backdrop from one of website on pinterest.com.
I used this backdrop for my engagement ceremony but this backdrop can be used for whatever events you can dreamed of.
It is made of 3 sizes of shapes. My theme color for engagement is the shade of pink. The main color is milineal pink, I don’t know if you ever heard of that color but I love this color(supriseily). Without further due, here is how to make this geometric backdrop,


Our engagement ceremony | 18.8.18

Hi everyone~
I am beyond blessed to shared this post with you guys.
Can't believe this will be happened on this year but I know, everything happened because of God's loves for us and our family. So, here I am present our engagement ceremony special post. Without further due, let's see the photos of our engagement ceremony.


The secret of happy life that we don't know

Oh dear Lord, you must be kidding me!
I have been lived in this earth for almost 30 years and why I never see this? The answer of that why is I never really read Bible with all of my heart, I just read it for the sake of feel safe and my target to read it and know about it.Whoaaa.. this verses really hit me deeply.

Do you want to enjoy life?
Do you want to have many happy days?
Psalms 34:12

I was struck with these verse. Of course I want to enjoy life and have many happy days, then the next verse hit me deeply.
I will share it with you guys or you can open your own Bible.


Be filled with joy

Always be filled with joy in the Lord. I will say it again.Be filled with joy. - Philippians 4:4

It's 8.8.2018, special date so I will make a post on blog.
This past week quite intense for me. There's a lot of things to do and it's stressful week but I love that kind of life. It's make my brain keep thinking and thinking.But, sometimes it's make me  overthinking so that the bad side of this situations.During this stressful days, I always get reminded by God's word, be filled with JOY.


Each day

Hi there!
There's so many thing I anticipate this month.
It's August 2018 already!?? In 4 months, 2018 will leave us and waaa...times flies so fast.
Talk about thing I most anticipate this month...jeng jeng jeng.


[Review] Delicious Arab food in Putrajaya

Happy Sunday!
Just want to share/review about Arab food. I don't really love Arab food before because its never suit my taste bud but when one of my colleagues transfer back to Japan and we do his farewell dinner in Arab restaurant, oh my! Am I missing out? hahaha. The food is the BOOOMM! I love it! 
It's not just once I went here but now, already twice. And, still love it.
Click continue for the restaurant and recommended menu.


Each moment is counted

I love to take our photos for the sake of memories.
Before anything, I want to apologise for make this guy make appearance more now. He is part of my life so he always have a space on this blog too. Sorry for overloaded you guys with our photos.
I love to take our photos, no matter how bad is the quality or how silly we look, I just love to keep it and remember each moments.Sometimes my boyfriend don't really love it but I just take photos no matter what. The day will gone so I should "freeze" the moment just like keriitleto photography tagline " Let me freeze your most treasure memories". For me, each moments is counted. We don't know what will happen in future or tomorrow so while we still have a chance, take photos each day and keep it.


#keriitletoOOTD: I have changed so much

Finally, I have time to write on my blog and it's 12a.m...fuhh! My life is get busy more now and when I have free time, my battery flat or slow internet connection...ermmm.Always have something that make me can't blogging peacefully. It's okay lah, just ignore. Back to my weekend story.
On weekend, I usually busy with my personal life. Mostly I spent time with my loved one or with my uncle's family in Cheras or sometimes I just stayed in the house, I love staying in my house.It's feel good. While in the house, I try to spent my time to do my photobook project because I want to print my travel or old photo.. arghh... and that's make me having throwback moment. I don't really like to see what I did in the past because all I see is I am "kurus" and look light compare to now. Then, I realised....
I have changed so much...bad changes (T_T)


How to style denim jacket ( man version)

Finally, this post has arrived. 
My man OOTD post. Yeahhhhh!!!
I have been dream to do this in such a long time, I think since the beginning ( evil laughs). Sorry my dear,  this is the price of being my love ( evil face).Beside that, I just feel unfair by just post about my OOTD and not his OOTD...hehe.His style is cool so why not, right? hehe(alasan saja ni)..Also, I really love styling and my 'victim' will be my boyfriend... I love to do styling on him.
So, this time I'm going to share how to style denim jacket for man.


Everything is wonderful when with you

Day 2 
It's day 2 with my partner's family, we went to Ikea Cheras and Kaison MyTown after church.
We really love that places. This is our second time bring them there. I love went here too because I can see what I need for the house and compare the price. At the same time, I can take #OOTD too and my partner don't really like this, but I don't care, what's most important is I can take photos...hehe
So, for day 2 just relaxing and window shopping day.


A great weekend with my new family

If you follow me on my IG (@keriitleto) then you already know why am I having a great weekend. My boyfriend's family came to KL for vacation and we are so happy they came to visit us. It's awkward because for the first time they stayed in the new house. I met his family(his mum and his brother) for the first time last year during his convocation day but that time, they are stayed at the hotel so I don't really feel awkward. This time, they are stayed in the house, a lot of thing I need to take care of and learn at the same time.
For the sake of memories, I shared about our day here.


Use these tips to make your single life enjoyable and memorable

Hi everyone,
I'm in the mood to talk about human relationship this week. So, I guess the theme of this week is love and relationship.I really love to talk about this topic because I find its interesting and I'm currently on it so it's easy to says anything about it.As per usual, I will be always be honest in my writing, no hiding or no fake tips.
This time, I want to share about how to make your single life enjoyable and memorable.


Happy xxmonthsary

It's 18 July.
So, it's time for celebrating our monthsary...haha.
I'm thankful and blessed for having my boyfriend in my life. I am thankful God make us meet and fall in love.For our xxmonthsary this month, I'm gonna share our SHINE Conference photos, the latest event that we went together, we have more actually but I love this photos.
Keep loving and be happy.


10 things to do when love getting harder

Hai everyone,
Welcome back!
I hope you have a good day today and feel good.This time I want to share about love and relationship.
I'm currently in relationship and I'm totally blessed with this relationship and I really really love this relationship and my prayers every day, we will make it our happily ever after.
But, not everything is going well as I always imagined.
It's getting harder lately. It's so challenging.As I always said "Love is not always sweet". There a days that I think love is"killing" me but there's other days, love is everything. It's so weird, right?
So, this time I want to share 10 things to do when it's getting harder?


I miss home so badly (Sarawak)

Today I missed home like crazy.
I missed home and my family, it's make me feel sick. When this time has come, I always questioned my decision to be stayed in the city. Yes, I have everything I ever wanted now, I have my own house, my own car, I have a good job, and I have great people surrounding me, I am forever thankful for all that. But, this time I miss home like crazy. I miss my mum, my dad, my sisters, my brother, my nephews and niece.I have been missing out many things in my family life lately. I missed the KEBANA festival, I missed my family gathering, my parent's birthday and so on.
But, I choose this so I will go through it. 
To make me feel a little bit better, here I list out why I missed home so bad.


House Update: My dream home

Curtains detail

Happy Weekend.
As you read this, you already enjoy your weekend. I never share about my dream home on my blog before so I thought maybe it's time for me to share my dream home. I'm thankful I can buy my own home , it's never a easy journey but I know it will be worth it. Now, it's time to reveal what I want to do in the house.
So, here you go.