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#keriitletophotography: My favorite details on weddings

Hello there~
Happy Friday!
Arghh... this week I've been busy so no time for my blog. But, today I wanna share my favorite wedding details. This one of the reasons I love wedding photography. I love the details, creativity and pretty little things. I feel it's a waste if I didn't take the photo of it. The bride and her family or friends are working hard on this one so it's time to appreciate their hard work. Each of the weddings also has their own creativity and beautiful things. Personally, I prefer everything is DIY. Meaning, you no need to buy everything. These DIY things can make your relationship with your family and friends getting closer. But, if you don't really have time for it, it's okay. What's most important is what you want for your wedding day.
Without further due, here are some of my favorite details on the weddings that I ever shoot.
Enjoy and get inspired.


5 biggest things I learned in 2017 and 2018 resolutions

I don't think it's too late for me to share my lesson learned from 2017 and my 2018 resolutions because I've read somewhere that, "January is a trial month" and the new month is started on February.So, it's not too late for new year resolutions,right?
Last year one of a bittersweet year for me. I think I said this every year if you realized. My 2017 is all about being a REAL adult. I've moved from the old rental house that I love to stay, I moved in with my best friend but move out after few months due to my financial adjustment and now staying at my another friend's house. Last year, I've constantly doubted myself on what I'm doing and I think I got depression but thanks to people that always remind me of God is in control.
So, here is my 5 biggest lessons I learned and also, I share my 2018 resolutions.


#keriitletoOOTD: One of the happy day

If I knew that we will go to our house rooftop area, I will get ready for #OOTD photos..aiyaa!! haha.
But, this is the reality.I love to tie my hair up like a 'pantang' women and that makes me feel so good. But, still, I love this OOTD photos because I wore everything that I love the most and it's captured by #understandingbloggerbf ( I paksa him and he just presses the button...hehe) but really, he did enjoy do that. It's such a long time since my last OOTD photos, I was so busy with other things in this life and I get fat, so much fat so I don't really want to be in front of the camera but I miss to do this because it makes me the happiest.
For now, here are my first OOTD photos for 2018. 
I hope more decent of OOTD coming more on my blog.


Where to buy cheapest lighting for your house?

Hi there!
First of all, thank you for visit my blog again.
This time, I'm going to do a review about something that I never do on my blog before. It's about our new house. I never imagined this time has come but we enjoyed the process. It's a new kind of experience for me so I'm not sure if I will do a good review of it. But, it's okay, we learn together.
What I want to share is, where to buy the cheapest lighting for your house? 
Without further due, let's started!

#keriitletoHome: Something new for me

This 2018, I have a new journey.
It's been 1 week since I got the house key.
I've visited it twice now. I still feel nervous like crazy but at the same time, I feel a lot stronger.
At the end of this week, I feel stressed out. I've hectic work life, my photo editing dateline is approaching also I do the budgeting and plan what to buy first and do first for the new house along with my partner, which I thought easier before. But, oh God, I don't know this will be such a crazy journey.
This is my first post related to my new house and I don't know what to say. For now, I just share what I feel at this moment.


#keriitletoHome: Pray about everything.fear nothing

Happy Monday~
How are you? or how's your weekend? I hope you have a blessed and wonderful weekend. As for me, my last weekend is one of the overwhelming weekend in my life. I still can't believe what just happen.But, what I can say is,
God is good, all the time.
God always make His promise on time.
Finally the biggest dream ever has come true. 


The best of #keriitletobrides

Hello there~
I'm super duper uber excited to share this post with you guys.I can't believe I shoot quite a numbers of brides. I can't believe I will use this hashtag #keriitletobrides! Waaa.. such an amazing hashtag for me.So, here are 9 brides that I ever take photos of. I hope more to come. Don't forget to contact me if you interested to be #keriitletobrides in future. I will try my best.


Amazing and interesting places to take wedding photos in Sarawak

Hi there~
How's your day? I hope you have a great one. Today, I want to share about wedding photography locations that I found interesting when I going back to Sarawak last time. Dear my Sarawakian friends, don't laugh at me, I am a bit "jakun" with what we have back in our hometown. I've been in Malaya for almost 10years now and mostly spent my time here so not really know where to go and beautiful places in Sarawak. I can’t believe I never visit Bakun Dam and Murum Dam in my entire life until last December 2017! Just amazing! The view is just breathtaking and worth the journey. I won’t talk to much about these just enjoy the photos and imagine your wedding photoshoot there.


Robson&Norisah Wedding Day- Bintulu Wedding Photography

Happy Sunday~
Finally, I've some time to share the last my #keriitletophotography assignment end of last year.It's so amazing to be part of the big day of my clients.Each clients has different kind of wedding and of course the place is different.This time, I got to experience work with the professional photographer and just wow! I've learned some tips and I can't wait for improvement for next #keriitletophotography.To my lovely client, Lian and Echa, thank you for let me treasure the moment and I will share the photo very soon.Thank you for patience.
For now, here is some photos.

A brave girl

As I promise, I'm going to make a special post for this brave girl on my blog.
Her name is Angeline. I love called her Angie, I don't know if she like that or not, I hope she will like it. I called her brave girl because she is a city girl and she bravely comes and spent her holiday in my kampong last year (after Christmas) and early this year(during the New Year). Before this, she always want to come but never able to do it and in 2017, she finally made it! yeah!I  can't believe that she makes it happen. I've learned some lessons from her brave steps to experience something that she never experiences and live in a totally different environment than she used to live in. 


Never forget where I came from

Hi there~
It's my third days in the city and I miss home so badly. 
I still feel homesick whenever I come back from my kampong because being with my family for very short time really makes me homesick. I miss my parent, my nephews and the environment.But, this is what I choose in my life so I will go with it. I will be okay soon. 
If you're a new visitor on my blog, I want to let you know that, I'm from a very rural area in Sarawak and currently try to live in the city that called Selangor or nearby Kuala Lumpur. Whenever I go back to my hometown, I live the reality of my life. The life that I used to live in and when I'm in KL/Selangor, that's is my dream life. I've been dreamed to live in the city before.


One fun day at Kg Data Kakus

Hi there~
I will continue to overload you guys with my vacation photos. Please bear with that for now.
When I’m at my kampong, there’s no stress at all, I feel so happy and I’m having fun beside the lifestyle is so lay back and easy. Just love it that for awhile.
This time, I’m able to spend time with my cousins and friend,Angeline to mandi sungai at “sunway lagoon” of Kg Data Kakus. Just love there. The water is so cool and it’s the best time to play with my cousins.Beside, eat the foods… yummy!


One fine evening at Kg Data Kakus

Hello there~
Happy New Year 2018!!
I just come back from my village, it's rural area, no coverage so that's why no update from me after for awhile. Forgive me for that.As we enter 2018, one of my goal this year is keeping update my blog. I miss my family as per usual, I thought the homesick will gone when I grew up but it's still there, I miss my family so much now.So, here is one of my annual photoshoot of one of my nephew.
Enjoy the photo.