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5 biggest things I learned in 2017 and 2018 resolutions

I don't think it's too late for me to share my lesson learned from 2017 and my 2018 resolutions because I've read somewhere that, "January is a trial month" and the new month is started on February.So, it's not too late for new year resolutions,right?
Last year one of a bittersweet year for me. I think I said this every year if you realized. My 2017 is all about being a REAL adult. I've moved from the old rental house that I love to stay, I moved in with my best friend but move out after few months due to my financial adjustment and now staying at my another friend's house. Last year, I've constantly doubted myself on what I'm doing and I think I got depression but thanks to people that always remind me of God is in control.
So, here is my 5 biggest lessons I learned and also, I share my 2018 resolutions.

1. Financial
I make my big investment ever last year. I constantly doubt myself on this because I don't really see myself do this but I did it! So, it just unlocks one of my "before 30 years old milestone". At first, it's the scariest thing I ever do in my life. When I signed each or any letter,  I feel like I'm dreaming(sometimes I thought it will be 'nightmare' and I want to wake up) but I've prayed for this and here I am, making the dream come true and go ahead with God. No matter what, I believe in God and the best yet to come.I will trust God and follow the flow. I know the journey will be not smooth but I trust in God.

2. Do your best to any work you do.
To be really honest, sometimes I take for granted what I do in my life. I complained a lot but never want to improve it or suggest a better way to do it, I am passive kind of person and I'm complicated when trying to explain something. I've learned that, whatever you do, do with all of your heart or don't do it at all.

3. Don't think too much
Yes, I always think too much about everything. But, this thinks too much not bring me anywhere, it just makes the current situation complicated and makes myself not happy at all. I just waste my few seconds for being not happy. I stole my own happiness by worrying too much. If it's meant to happen, then it will happen.

4. When you need help, ask!
I am someone that really scare to ask help as I don't want to burden anyone.I've struggled on so many things last year as I don't properly plan. I'm thankful for having a family that always be there for me.

5. Go back and visit your parent no matter what.
Before the Christmas time, I think I don't want to go back as I feel like I can't buy all the gifts that I used to buy for my family during Christmas but that makes me think, what is Christmas for me? You remember I posted about it before Christmas? So, you went back for Christmas, not for just having fun with family and friends but to celebrated Jesus with family and friends and remember His goodness in our life.As we grow old, our parent also grows old so don't feel like you lost your money when come to the time to visit them.
That's my 5 biggest lessons I have learned in 2017. 

So, here is my 2018 resolutions.
1. Manage my finance well - Something that on the list every year. But, this year, I MUST do this. No excuses now.

2. Read more about finance, investment, self-help, and Bible - I love reading but I usually not reading so much.So, this year, I MUST do this. 

3. Balance my work and personal life - Work is important and at the same time, I need to have my personal life too. Avoid think too much about work and avoid thinking too much about personal life too. Keep it balanced.

4. Work full time on - When I said work full time, it doesn't mean I will quit my current job but what I mean here is do it with my full heart and soul, not doing as a part-time.

5. Eat healthily and exercise- Always on the list....arghhhhh, God help me on this! I want get fit! hehe

6. Learn new things/skills - I still try to figure out what new things/skills I should learn this year. I have the list but not decided yet to do it...haha

7. Spend time with family/friends whenever I can - I rarely spend my time with my family so this year, I want to spend my time with my family/friends whenever I can.

8. Prepare me for marriage life - Eventually, I will get married. I don't know when but I definitely get married one day so prepare my soul, my heart and my mind for this.

9. Cook more - I need to know this if not, "kasi malu saja"... haha, blame on my sisters because they don't like my food whenever I cook.

10. Affordable style and chic - I want to make 2018 as my #keriitletostyle comeback after I stopped it for 2017 due to my body is getting so fat.

11. Be more understanding, kind and full of love - Dear my dearest, I want to try to be more understanding and full of love this year. I try to be less impatient.

12. Be confident and love me - I'm working on this every year and I never give up again this year.

This year, I want less of,
1. Self-doubt
2. Lose control and focus
3. Self critic

I hope you also learned something in 2017 and never stop learning and try not to do repeat any mistakes in 2017. For 2018, open a new page and write a new beautiful life story.

What's your biggest lessons in 2017? I want to know it.
And what's is your 2018 resolution, if you don't mind, you can share yours on comment below.


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