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Amazing and interesting places to take wedding photos in Sarawak

Hi there~
How's your day? I hope you have a great one. Today, I want to share about wedding photography locations that I found interesting when I going back to Sarawak last time. Dear my Sarawakian friends, don't laugh at me, I am a bit "jakun" with what we have back in our hometown. I've been in Malaya for almost 10years now and mostly spent my time here so not really know where to go and beautiful places in Sarawak. I can’t believe I never visit Bakun Dam and Murum Dam in my entire life until last December 2017! Just amazing! The view is just breathtaking and worth the journey. I won’t talk to much about these just enjoy the photos and imagine your wedding photoshoot there.

1. Bakun Dam
I heard of this name for countless time but never been there. And, when I went here, Oh dear Lord! It’s gorgeous here. I should bring my own dress and posing here with my own tripod during my visit day here. I suggest you should wear bright dress when do photoshoot here as the environment is look so blue. I know it will be so gorgeous.

-     2. Murum Dam
Another place that take my breath away. Just amazing! It’s so interesting to visit this place because we never visit this area before and when we went there, just can’t believe my own eyes. Again, the wedding photoshoot is so gorgeous here, really!

-       3. Kg Data Kakus
Of course, my own kampong. This place is amazing! Every corner of it has potential of good spot for wedding photoshoot. I can’t wait for someone will come to me and ask to take their wedding photos here. Please do contact me... I want to be part of that.

I know, that three places is hard to go. So, if you interested to visit and do photoshoot at these places, please do contact me via email or WhatsApp. I want to be part of it.My contact as below ( yes, I'm serious, no kidding).
Aya- +60192872023 or email :

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