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Never forget where I came from


Hi there~
It's my third days in the city and I miss home so badly. 
I still feel homesick whenever I come back from my kampong because being with my family for very short time really makes me homesick. I miss my parent, my nephews and the environment.But, this is what I choose in my life so I will go with it. I will be okay soon. 
If you're a new visitor on my blog, I want to let you know that, I'm from a very rural area in Sarawak and currently try to live in the city that called Selangor or nearby Kuala Lumpur. Whenever I go back to my hometown, I live the reality of my life. The life that I used to live in and when I'm in KL/Selangor, that's is my dream life. I've been dreamed to live in the city before.

Back then, when I'm thinking of the city, I'm thinking of a lot of colorful and wonderful things here. A lot of opportunities as well. I love being in the city because I can be who am I without being too shy about it and I can do whatever I want too. But, even so, I never forget where I came from. I love to call myself wannabe city girl because I slowly forget how to climb the tree, how to make some traditional food but having an opportunity to go back to my hometown twice a year make me remember. So, I want to share some advice to all kampong girl out there when coming to the city and try to live in.

1. Don't feel ashamed that you're kampong, be proud and be unique.

2. Never forget your root, be careful in the city.

3. Learn and improve yourself while you're in the city.

4. Don't forget to go back home or call your parent.

5. Don't forget to share the blessings with your parent in the kampong, they deserve it.

6. Never lose yourself, if you want to change, change for better

7. Change your mindset but don't forget what's good you learned in kampong

Since I just come back from my kampong, here I shared my kampong view. If you follow me on Instagram (@keriitleto) and Facebook (@keriitleto paya) then you already overload with my kampong photos.

This one called Lepubung. This is where we stored the stocks and some stuff that we rarely used.

One fun activity that we love to do in kampong is entuk songai ( mandi sungai).
 Another one is nyenang (picnic)
 The best view of my kampong is the mountains, blue skies and greeny thingy.
 Just love, no words can describe this.
 A great view just at the back of my house( need to walk lah..hehe)
 This is what happen to the road to my kampong whenever rainy day...scary!
My family house. I love this house.

No matter how far I will go in my life, I will never forget where I am come from. The humble beginning of my life. I'm glad I have that so that makes me work hard for better life and better me.
As much I love being in the city, I still love being in the kampong.The kampong girl heart never ever go away.
No matter where you go, always remember where you come from and appreciate that.


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