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Where to buy cheapest lighting for your house?

Hi there!
First of all, thank you for visit my blog again.
This time, I'm going to do a review about something that I never do on my blog before. It's about our new house. I never imagined this time has come but we enjoyed the process. It's a new kind of experience for me so I'm not sure if I will do a good review of it. But, it's okay, we learn together.
What I want to share is, where to buy the cheapest lighting for your house? 
Without further due, let's started!

It's Houses Lighting Sdn Bhd at Bandar Utama Puchong.
I found out about this place from my sister, Achel.But, I never have time to go check it out then this weekend, finally, I make time for it.
Before we went here, we went to IKEA Cheras because we both love "IKEA" style and love go there for inspirations for the house. We usually went to IKEA for house interior inspirations and of course, eat the famous meatballs.Now, I added the new favorite, which is fried chickens...yumm!!
We did fall in love with many lightings there but we need to choose according to our budget. So, we leave it first.
Then, I remember about this shop so we went there on the weekend.


No.33 &35, Jalan BPU 6, Bandar Puchong Utama,47100, Puchong, Selangor.

Waze address: Type "Houses Lightings"

Operation/business hours: 

Tue-Sate: 10.30am-8pm
Mon: Off day

What you should do before go here:

1. Know what your house ceiling type
2. What your lighting style
3. Your budget ( here can use cash and debit/credit card)
4. Prepare yourself to be in the crowded place
5. Bring your own drinking water

How this shop function? It's different than any other shop.

This shop is different than any shop that I went before. I never take a number to do payment.Based on my experience last weekend, here is the flow.
1. Ask for assistance when you decided to buy
2. The assistant will give you a number and she will go take all the things for you.
3. She/he will come to you again and give your testing and payment number.
4. If all okay, then you can proceed to the payment counter.
5. You're done! And, you can take all your things at entrance area (there will be staff that asked your number here as well.


  • Know what you want to buy ( basic)
  • Know your budget ( you'll be tempted)
  • Bring your own drinking water
  • Take care of your belonging as this place is so crowded so be careful.

This experience is totally new to me.
I don't know that shopping for new lightings for the house is so exciting and satisfied too.
Do you know where to buy the lighting for a cheapest price? other than this shop?
If you know, please share with me by comment below.


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