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KEBANA 2018 Festival

 Hi there~
Finally we got the date for KEBANA 2018, it's exciting news for all Kenyah Badeng people around the world.
Do you know what is KEBANA?
In 2016, I wrote few interesting facts about KEBANA Festival ( I love to called it festival because it's just big as Christmas celebration for Kenyah people). If you haven't read that interesting facts, you can click here. 
And, today I want to share about what is KEBANA? Why do we celebrate it? how do we celebrate it? when do we celebrate it?


keriitleto Photography : Seswanto & Anikedesi Wedding Day

Hi there~
It's time for sharing my latest project for #keriitletophotography.
It's my nephew's wedding ( yes, my nephew! haha). It's such a wonderful day for them and it's full of love. I just love that. Congratulations to my latest clients. God bless you.
Enjoy the photos.


The hard lesson I learned from relationship

How's your guys doing?
I hope you guy doing fine and have a great long weekend.
As for me here, ermmm... I'm having not so good long weekend as I'm not feeling so well. I've sore throat and feel so hot.But, whatever it is, I try my best to not just lying down on my bed so I decided to get up and write something on my blog. Yes, I've been away for awhile now, I am trying my very best to keep up with my 2018 resolution which is to write more useful article and consistent about it.So, today I want to share about some hard lesson I've learned from relationship, love relationship to be specific.So, without further due, let's read.

Something that make me extremely proud and grateful

Hi there~
I want to share something that I don't mean to be proud but I am...haha.
I recently change my email to paya.keriitleto@gmail.com to be more professional.So, after that I search on website keriitleto.com ( yes, I googled myself)...haha and yes, I read my own blog because I am my no.1 fan ( such a lunatic,right? nevermind).
So, after googled myself, I am so surprise with what I see as below.


A handmade camera strap

I don't know what gotten me lately... I always think of my family.
It's not that I never think of my family before, but just lately, I think about them more. I've read "Family is number one" and I am totally agreed with that. I admit that, this one is one of the hardest thing to do in real life. Say the words is so easy and put it in action is so hard and need to try again and again.Last week I went back to Bintulu and I once again feel homesick like crazy, I hate this feeling but what to do. And, today I have time to write about something that so precious for me that given by my third sister.


Valentine's Day 2018: Be “God Loves Me” Minded

Happy Wednesday!
Just another ordinary Wednesday but with a little bit special, it's Valentine's Day
I don't really celebrate it but it's a good reminder to celebrate love. Every day is the day to appreciate the love actually so don't limit your way to celebrate love. 
On Monday, I read my morning devotional, Be "God loves me" mind and I were so touched and feel loved when I read it and I think it's a good sharing for this Valentine's Day. I love that when I read this, 
If people really knew how much He loves them, they would act differently than they do.


#keriitletoHome: House Update January 2018

Hi there~
How's you guy doing? I hope you guys doing great and have fun in life.
As for me, if you read my January 2018 highlight than you know what's happened. I make this post separately as some of the readers/viewers want the update for my house. 
So, here is my house update for the January 2018.


My January 2018 Highlights

Hi there~
Oh, my dear reader! Can't believe January 2018 is just ended yesterday and I'm grateful I made it to February 2018! Wouhuuu... thanks to God. I always said January 2018 is my kind of trial month because of no reason...haha, no lah. Here is my explanation. Have you ever subscribed to something and you don't want to buy it yet? So, you can trial version, so that's how I treat my January every year. Since my trial month just ended so what's my highlights.