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A handmade camera strap

I don't know what gotten me lately... I always think of my family.
It's not that I never think of my family before, but just lately, I think about them more. I've read "Family is number one" and I am totally agreed with that. I admit that, this one is one of the hardest thing to do in real life. Say the words is so easy and put it in action is so hard and need to try again and again.Last week I went back to Bintulu and I once again feel homesick like crazy, I hate this feeling but what to do. And, today I have time to write about something that so precious for me that given by my third sister.

It's camera strap, handmade or beaded camera strap. I just love it.
Last Christmas, I told my sister that I want a beaded camera strap because the current strap is look boring. So, I asked her to made one for me and turn out she can make my dream strap come true, I love it so much! She so talented on this. You can ask her to make anything beaded things she can make it. Yes, I am serious. Interested? you can email me, I will tell her what you want her to make.
It's a big thing for me as my camera is one of my precious.I do whatever for my camera.This make me want to go further and work hard for making my dream come true because I know, I will never alone. My family is my strong supporter in my life.
Thank you, my sister for make this dream possible and give me an energy to go after my dream.

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