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#keriitletoHome: House Update January 2018

Hi there~
How's you guy doing? I hope you guys doing great and have fun in life.
As for me, if you read my January 2018 highlight than you know what's happened. I make this post separately as some of the readers/viewers want the update for my house. 
So, here is my house update for the January 2018.

There's not much update yet because I didn't do anything yet. Still in AWE (meaning: still not believe this happening)...hahaha, can you understand that? I hope you understand. Since not much update on the physical look of the house, so I will share what I really feel in the process of preparing this house. 
I never ever imagined myself to go shopping the lightings and feel so excited about it. How crazy is that? Before this, I only get excited when I bought new clothes but now, it's totally different. Am I normal? Why am I changed? hahaha...
That's about lightings. I'm not yet talking about some other stuff, it's just getting crazier but I think to love the process.
To be really honest, this is craziest life process I ever encounter in my life. Gosh! I can't believe I willing to go for it. But, on the positive side, this process makes me learned to be closer to God as if I am not, I feel like I am out of control. So, that's a good thing.Sometimes I tend to think negatively when I'm alone, so I "hang" these words on my head.


In financial wise, this stuff is getting so serious now. I'm REALLY lady now, not a girl!
P.s: I still think I'm a girl in my family...
Everything I need to figure out myself and taking care of everything. I'm blessed for having such an incredible family that helps me when I need them the most.Without them, I really can't do anything. During this time, I think a lot of my dad. I was cried on the other day because I remember when the day when I bought my first car, my dad is there to supports me for the downpayment. But, this time, I feel like I missed something in the process. My dad is no longer can support me as he is not in good condition at this time. But, on the positive side, God gave me the strength to go for it and my siblings are really helpful. It makes me feel better and I don't know what can I do without them in this process. This process really teach me to APPRECIATE MY FAMILY MORE as I never do that before and DON'T FEEL BAD FOR ASKING HELP WHEN YOU NEED THE MOST.Be honest.
During this process too, my boyfriend, Mac did a lot of things with me as well. In a physical way, he did so much for preparation that man should do for example measuring things that need to be measured, help me decided on this and that. It's such a fun process for us. And, I know, without him, the process will be not complete. Most importantly, he always reminds me, we will do this together and that makes me wanna go in the process. Sometimes I feel want to give up especially when I'm in the hard time during the process but when I think of my family and my love one, I will never ever give up. I can do this and we can do this as long as God there. God will give us the way when there's no way.I believe in that.
This house really "shapes" me to be a different kind of person, every day I want to be the better one than yesterday. Its make me appreciate the process and make me always want to seek God, what's God want for me in my life and most importantly, I pray harder.This house is my biggest dream in my life and it's really tested my faith in God. When I look at my own strength, I don't really able to do it but I know when God with me, I can do all things.The process is not so easy but I choose to go ahead and learn from it.
It's exciting to see when one of our dreams come true and no other feeling can compare to that. But, you need to know that, there's a price you need to pay for that. Nothing comes easy in this life as life processes and you need to get ready get molded a and do a different kind of things.
Finally, dare to dream and dare to go for it. Don't just dream but dare to do it too.

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