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My January 2018 Highlights

Hi there~
Oh, my dear reader! Can't believe January 2018 is just ended yesterday and I'm grateful I made it to February 2018! Wouhuuu... thanks to God. I always said January 2018 is my kind of trial month because of no reason...haha, no lah. Here is my explanation. Have you ever subscribed to something and you don't want to buy it yet? So, you can trial version, so that's how I treat my January every year. Since my trial month just ended so what's my highlights.

Learn how to cook my favorite
I've learned how to cook this month. Now I know how to make sambal. Thanks to K.Ti, my housemate teaching me how to make it. It's super easy guy and I love sambal so much so there's no reason for me to not to make it.

Learn how to buy stuff ( correctly and save budget)
Thanks to my sister, Achel for always remind me I can find the cheapest price but still good product. I am someone that so lazy to wondering around and compare the price but I can't do that anymore. I need to learn to save the budget and compare the price. My sister said, "Let's do the Mama's things!".So, let's do that.

Communicate well with each other
This is so basic but still some of us learning how to communicate well. Another basic thing I've learned this month.Say it and discuss anything.Don't assume.

House preparation
It's getting crazier as the day goes by. I never imagined myself go wondering the shop looking for lightings, fans and all those things. But, this what happened to me now.I'm going to share the update on a different post so stay tuned for that.
Busier than ever. I still can't move on from #keriitletophotography photo editing as I struggling to finish it up but need to do so because I need to share it with my client soon.Also, I'm working hard on keeping up with the blogging schedule.Arghh... I need more time.

Family is everything
Common sense and yet its still my biggest highlight this month. God gave us a family so we can share our troubles and happiness. That's what happened in my life, not just this month but many months before this.

Time and money management
Something that really HIT me harder this month. Time and money management. I need to be expert on this. I've so many things to do and I need to spend money on so many kinds of stuff as well.Fuhh...
I put it as the highlight because these two things are something that influences my life this month.

When you did wrong, just tell it
Hahaha... this what happen to me last month. I accidentally scratched my boyfriend's car and I'm too scared to tell him about it but I can't keep it so I told him. Nothing happens as I accidentally do that.The lesson here was careful and say it when you did a wrong thing.

Ahhh... I feel like January 2018 is just gone like that. I'm super duper uber busy with life so that's why it's so fast.
How about you guys?
What's your highlight this month?
Please leave your comment, I want to know about yours too if you don't mind.

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