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Something that make me extremely proud and grateful

Hi there~
I want to share something that I don't mean to be proud but I am...haha.
I recently change my email to to be more professional.So, after that I search on website ( yes, I googled myself)...haha and yes, I read my own blog because I am my no.1 fan ( such a lunatic,right? nevermind).
So, after googled myself, I am so surprise with what I see as below.

I am extremely proud seeing this. Okay, you can laugh at me. I don't mind...hehe but I am proud.
Seeing this appear on the internet is something that make me want to work harder on this dream. I want to keep improve myself everyday and spread the positive vibes and of course, the #keriitletospirit and also, spread that, God is love.
If you check out my blog, then you know that I always work on these topics.If you have any feedback or comment, please write it to me. I want to hear what's your opinion.

Keriitleto Photography
On this section, I shared my photography gigs.
I will share about wedding photography tips for my potential clients and tips for future photographer that interested. I still work harder on this to make it.

Keriitleto Lifestyle & Life tips
This section is so close to my heart. I shared about my life experience, my Kenyah culture, my life advices(you can take me as your big sister), my passion in Youth Ministry and many more. I love writing life experiences so don't forget to read it here.I'm sure you will learned and get inspired a lot.

Keriitleto Travel
I didn't travel often like before but I plan to do many local reviews in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur for those who live in Sarawak or Sabah or anywhere in this world.

For me, carrying KERIITLETO.COM is like I am carry BIG brand as this is my own brand that I created by wisdom that gave by God and I want to use it for good things and inspired a lot of people to dream big and dare to work for it and never ever forget to do it your dream with God because in God, I can do anything and nothing impossible. I don't know where this dream will bring me but I want to keep working for it and use it to spread the God's love is bigger than you can imagined.

If you have any topics or anything that you want me to write, let me know by comment below or you can email me directly to I will check it.

No matter what your dream, do it!


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