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Valentine's Day 2018: Be “God Loves Me” Minded

Happy Wednesday!
Just another ordinary Wednesday but with a little bit special, it's Valentine's Day
I don't really celebrate it but it's a good reminder to celebrate love. Every day is the day to appreciate the love actually so don't limit your way to celebrate love. 
On Monday, I read my morning devotional, Be "God loves me" mind and I were so touched and feel loved when I read it and I think it's a good sharing for this Valentine's Day. I love that when I read this, 
If people really knew how much He loves them, they would act differently than they do.

It's so important to have this mindset.
As we are human, always fall into the sins and sometimes, it's so hard to feel loved after we realized what we did. So, having this mindset really help us to get up and try again. But, remember this is not an excuse for making a wrongdoings in this life. It's a good reminder for us that God always loves you despite whatever you do. It depends on you to receive or keep that love. Don't let that love just one sided love.
Since this is the day of love, I want to say loving words to my loved one.

Thank you God for loves me despite my sins.
My sins were great but your love is greater that makes me fall in love with God even more. 
Thank you for died for me, I am sorry for being such an unappreciative person for so long. I will try my best to obey, respect and love God. My prayers, I can do it with You with me. I love you, God.

I am blessed for having a family that never stop love me despite my stubbornness and my weakness, I'm thankful for this love.
My mum and dad thank you for always gave me so much love since I came to this world. I really know that you guys taking care of me very well. I never ever can repay all those love.
My mum especially, I never know I had an amazing love before but when I see how she treats my nephew, I knew that I had an amazing love from my mum. When it's my turn being mother, I want to be a mother like my mum and more better definitely.We', I know you can't read this but I hope God will tell you this, I love you very much. When I prayed I always "kirim salam" to my mum through God.I miss you so much Mum.
My father may be different than what I am thinking but I love my dad with whole my heart. I may not even understand him but I love him as much I love anyone in this world.
My siblings that full of love, I am forever grateful for having you guys in my life. Without your love, I will be such a different kind of people.
For me, family love is the first and the most important to have in this life. Don't ignore this fact. Love your family before you love anyone in this world.

My partner
I'm grateful for having an opportunity to love my partner, Maclare. He is the answers of my prayers, he is the gift that I always pray for.
Thanks for trying to accept me for whoever I am. I am sorry for always being difficult kind of person, always change my mind, childish, expected too much on you. Thank you for still trying to understand me. My prayers, if God's plan in my life, we will end up together and go through the next journey in this life together. I know, God always prepare the best for our life and I secretly want to be that best for you. 
I love being with you, I love your smile, I love your passions, I love the love that you giving me and I want to try to love whatever you love. 
Thanks for make me believe in love again. 
Thank you for always saying, we got this, we do this together and everything will be okay. Thank you for always be with me in my difficult situations, thanks for listening to my stories.Thanks for all arguments that we have through this relationship, I always want to win but next time, I really try hard to understand your decisions and your opinions.
I'm forever grateful for having you in my life. You're my gift from God.
Sometimes love is hard for me, I don't really understand you and I always want you to be and follow what I want but that's not the point of this relationship. I want to be a better person for myself, you, for our future family, for our big family. Let's do all things in this life together.
I love you always,Maclare.

For my friends, far and near, I never forget your love for me. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful love even though sometimes I am not that loving kind of person, always being so hard and difficult but I want you guys to know that, I love you friends. I will share some friends name here, Marina, Buki, Ijan, Maz, Ija, 88 gang, Juliet, Sandra, Uling, Geethu, Elut, and many more. Thank you for being my wonderful friends and spread the good love in my life.

I am blessed for having a family, my partner, and friends that love me in this life. I am grateful for that.
But, I never forget the time I lost love. The love I thought going to be my forever but that lost love make me finding the forever love that never fails me. That lost love make me discover God's love never fails.
If you feel not feel loved this Valentine's day, don't be! Remember God always love you and that love will never fail you.
If you feel so much love this Valentine's day, thanks to God. Take time to pray with your partner and lets God will be the foundation of love that you have. Because God never fails.

Before I end this article that I hope full of wonderful love, I want to share one wonderful verse,

'Kita telah mengenal dan telah percaya akan kasih Allah kepada kita.
Allah adalah kasih, dan barangsiapa tetap berada di dalam kasih,
ia tetap berada di dalam Allah dan Allah di dalam dia. '
1 Yohanes 4:16

I hope you have a wonderful day today.
If you have anything to share with me, you can comment below or you can email me at

Full of love and blessing,
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