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#keriitletoHome: House Update March 2018

First of all,
Thanks to God, I have gone through life in March 2018 smoothly, I survived!So many challenge and obstacles yet I manage to survived.If I can be so honest, you will think my life is scary! But, that’s how life. It’s scary!
But, life must go on. Don’t feel down because of how scary life is.Okay, I want to talk about my house update actually.

So, how’s my house update?
To be honest, it’s super slow progress but its keep going no matter what.We already bought the things that we need for the curtain.Oh… I already have my fridge.I’m extremely happy about that.Overall, the house preparation is no kidding journey.It’s always in my mind.Whenever I have a little bit money, I will directly thinking what should I buy for the house.No more new clothes, new handbag or whatever fashion it is.I love fashion more than I can say but I always take all my clothes for granted so let’s stop think about fashion.For me, fashion is one of hobby that once make me happy and enjoy my life.What’s really important now is my style! Hahahaha..I know my style already so no longer experimental with fashion.Just keep it simple, chic and comfortable…that’s it!Okay, focus… its house update.Not much update here because I need to earn a lot of money to buy everything inside the house.
I am happy whenever I come back home.After all day work, when I opened the door, I feel thankful.
No matter what, I am blessed and God will always be with me through this journey.Also, I am thankful for having my love one during this journey.
I will never ever take each of the moment for granted.
I love when we both do it and love the house.

That’s all for the update.
And, for next update, I promise to share more photo.
I can't wait to share everything but just be patient.

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