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#keriitletoOOTD: Dari kamu saja bah

Hi there~
Before the next outfit coming, here is my last Sunday outfit and I want to share my story this week story. As a working women, I'm busy as per usual, that's life. But, I'm thankful I'm busy and I love being busy with work. And, the highlight of this week is I went to training. The training that refreshed me again. I went to many trainings lately and I'm feel good about that because I need trainings and I want to learn a new thing nowadays. I've been in this position for so long. I need to keep update my old knowledge.And, the title also quite different today, Dari kamu saja bah. My boyfriend always said this to me when I'm in the between of choices in this life. I love this word because that's mean I can make my own decisions and not depends on him to make one for me.
In English, everything is from you. You choose.
The location of my outfit shooting also different this time, behind me is TRX building.


Life Tips : Don't look down on yourself

Hye!, happy weekend everyone!
Today, I want to share something that I thought very useful for every range of age. 
It's about self love. 
It's very common thing to do but I think it's hard to do so far. This is what I really observed on myself and some people close to me. Sometimes, I blamed myself for whatever happen in my life and feel like I am worthless and because of that perceptions, it's took me 1 year or more than that to correct that.
You can be your biggest fan or biggest enemy, you choose. 


8 useful apps for your youth ministry

Hi there!
It's time for me to share something useful for your youth ministry.
I won't talk or describe more about this, just go check it out, explore and use it.
Here I list 8 useful apps that I used before so don't forget to check it out!


#keriitletoOOTD: Just.Get.Started

One of the challenging thing on blogging is think what to write on my post.
Most of the time I blank and don't know what to write but I need to JUST.GET.STARTED!
I always remind myself to write something positive and encourage people.
So, this time I want to talk about just get started on your dream.
Everyone has their own dream and to go toward that dream is not just easy as you think. You need courage to get start.


#keriitletoOOTD: Don't let YOU,stop YOU

Yes, I am really back now. Back to do what I love, #keriitletoOOTD and self portrait.
It's seems not age appropriate thing to do ( yes, I almost 30 years old now) but I just want to do what I love to do. I love take photo of myself and my outfits. It's satisfying and I feel so good about it.
I stopped this before because I thought I will be happier with other thing that I newly found but still I miss doing this, I always feel I missed something in my life. I don't know where this thing lead me but I just want to do what I love and make my soul happy.


#LifeTips: Hardship is not abandonment.

It's 2018 and I thought this will be my best year ever as I planned so many things but it's not going as I plan. I stressed so much this year. I have so many thing that make me stress like financial stress, emotional stress and so on. It's just half of 2018 and it's feel so hard for me.
Sometimes, I miss my comfortable life, that I used to live and I always have enough and feel so happy with my life. I don't know when this change?
Why on earth then our heavenly Father, who said to love me, sometimes make me so uncomfortable? or let this hardship in my life?
For today article, I want to share about one article that I read during my hardship time and I hope it can help you during your hard time.


What's New on keriitleto.com website?

Hello there~
Happy Holiday and Selamat Hari Raya 2018!
Since I have 1 week holiday so I will be working on my business and blog.This time, I will introduce something new on my website.
Without further due, let's check it out.


#keriitletoOOTD: SHINE

My Hari Raya holiday is well spent!
I went to Youth Leadership Conference(YLC) SHINE! and its worth it! 
This conference is the youth conference that organised by P3S2. It's Youth community in KL. Most of the participant are Borneo people and there also Semenanjung people as well. 
On this conference, I have learned a lot and what's really important is God make me realised about so many thing, I have take so many thing in my life for granted for these few months and now, I feel refreshed and I am ready to serve in a better way.
On this post, I will share about my outfit and don't forget to stay until end for more about the conference.


#keriitletoOOTD: The DIY denim jacket

Hi there~
Here is the details of this lovely modified denim jacket.I really love to talk about my outfit. It's kind of therapy for me.This time, I will brag about this denim jacket.
For me, denim jacket is essential for any girls outfit.You can match it any of your outfit easily.Before this, it's so hard for me to find the perfect one.If I found one, its super duper expensive. I don't want to spend my money too much on clothes beside the design and texture it's not what I wanted.So, I went to thrift shops or bundle store and find my love over there with super duper cheap price. I love it when I spent less but looking and feeling so good about my outfit.
I have learned that, not every expensive clothes can make you look great and not every cheap clothes make you look sloppy, it's depend on you how you style it and feel about it.


#keriitletoHome: House update April & May 2018

Hi there!
Its been awhile since my last update about the house.Its been such a busy months.I went back for GE14 and its still overwhelmed with what just happened. I feel like want to share my experience since its my first experience voting,what do you think? Please comment below if you want to hear my experience.
For now, I want to give an update about the house, 


When life give you lemon,make lemonade


I really miss my blog. I left it for many months already and I feel something missing in my life. I love to share something in my life on my blog, I feel its therapy.Sometimes I feel scared to write,I'm scare of over sharing but I try to avoid that.
Life is HIT me harder these few months.
I feel terrible and uninspiried about my life.
I lost direction of my keriitleto.
But, I dont want to stay uninspired and lost so here I am,GET UP and decided to do this again and just GO! I know, I still have the same problems and the issue of my life is not disappear but I want to do something in my life and live my life.
So, for today post, I want to share how to handle STORM in this life.
I am no expert but I hope my experience can help you.


#keriitletoOOTD: My flowery dress

Hello everybody!
Arghhh... I feel so happy to write here again.
How's you guys? You guys doing fine? I hope everyone is good and feel amazing! As for me here, I'm doing good and happiest so I become so fat...hahaha.
It's been such a long time since my last post so here is my latest outfit and this time, what I really want to say about this outfit is you no need to break/empty your wallet in order to look good.