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8 useful apps for your youth ministry

Hi there!
It's time for me to share something useful for your youth ministry.
I won't talk or describe more about this, just go check it out, explore and use it.
Here I list 8 useful apps that I used before so don't forget to check it out!

1. Canva

For now, only available for iphone users but don't worry, you can you this amazing apps on website.
Search for
You can use this apps for design poster, invitation, card and etc.
This apps really save time and it's beautiful too.
Check it out and utilize it.

2. Unsplash

If you looking for beautiful photo for FREE, then this is the right website.
Search for and there you go!
I usually use this for background images for my canva design.
This one is only can be used using website, not apps.

3. WhatsApp
For communications, I think this is the best way.
You already know how to use it.So, I no need to talk about it.

4. Facebook
Another apps that I won't to talk about it, you already know about it.

5. Instagram
Another apps that I won't introduce about.
Use this for your ministry news and etc.

6.Google drive

This one to keep the files or photos or file sharing, you can use this Google drive.
How to use it?
1. Sign in your Gmail.
2. Go to
3. Search for google drive and you good to go.

8. Pinterest

Sometimes, you need inspirations so here is the best apps to download and look at.
You can download the apps by search Pinterest and go to the website

There you go!
Hope this post will be helpful for you and your church youth ministry or media team.

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