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#keriitletoOOTD: The DIY denim jacket

Hi there~
Here is the details of this lovely modified denim jacket.I really love to talk about my outfit. It's kind of therapy for me.This time, I will brag about this denim jacket.
For me, denim jacket is essential for any girls outfit.You can match it any of your outfit easily.Before this, it's so hard for me to find the perfect one.If I found one, its super duper expensive. I don't want to spend my money too much on clothes beside the design and texture it's not what I wanted.So, I went to thrift shops or bundle store and find my love over there with super duper cheap price. I love it when I spent less but looking and feeling so good about my outfit.
I have learned that, not every expensive clothes can make you look great and not every cheap clothes make you look sloppy, it's depend on you how you style it and feel about it.

So, where can you rock this denim jacket?
Almost anywhere.
You can wear it to college, church, outings and etc.

Lastly, what's do you think of this outfit/styling?
Nah or yay?
Please comment below, I love to see what do you think?


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