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#keriitletoHome: House update April & May 2018

Hi there!
Its been awhile since my last update about the house.Its been such a busy months.I went back for GE14 and its still overwhelmed with what just happened. I feel like want to share my experience since its my first experience voting,what do you think? Please comment below if you want to hear my experience.
For now, I want to give an update about the house, 

Not much update actually because there a lot of things that I need to settle down and I'm still trying to fit in or adjusting myself in this big changes in my life.The budgeting had make me headaches, it's such a crazy thing to do.I'm REALLY in my ADULT phase...haha. It's scary you know! It's full of hardship but that make me humble myself and realized that, everything that I have now is not my own but God that gave it to me.I need God all the time.
So far, everything is great in the house.Not much thing inside as I don't want to put much things. My house concept is MINIMALISM. I just don't like to see much thing. Beside, no budget for this moment lah...haha. After all, I love staying in my house and I feel thankful whenever I'm in the house. I love the big door, I love my kitchen, I love my bathroom and of course, I love my living room. I LOVE EVERYTHING.
Sometimes I do feel sad and lonely. It's not easy to stay on your own for such a long time.No wonder my parent asked me to get married so I have a friend inside the house and I have friend for life. But, for now, I tried to look at positive perspective. Maybe this is the time for me to enjoy ME time because who's know I won't be or less ME time when I got married,right? Be positive...always!
I can't believe that, it's been 6 months since I owned my own house.Let's be honest, it's not an easy journey, obviously.I need to sacrificed many things, my shopping especially. It's been such a crazy choice.I thought I'm so READY for this before but when I'm in, I realized I'm not that fully ready.So, in case you wanna buy house, make sure you fully ready. A lot of thing can happen and you feel like you are crazy ( I hope you will not, you're smarter), so be really READY.
On the positive side, I spent my money on something good so JUST GO! It's hard but JUST GO!
I hope this experience won't scare you to buy house, if you want it, go for it! and be ready for it!
I think that's all for now.
Oh ya, I want to keep this in memory.Here is some photos I took while my boyfriend help me in the house. I'm so thankful I have him in my life.
Thank you my dear <3.

Thank you for visit and read my blog.
Before I end, what you would like to hear from my House update post? Let me know.

Love love,

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