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#keriitletoOOTD: Just.Get.Started

One of the challenging thing on blogging is think what to write on my post.
Most of the time I blank and don't know what to write but I need to JUST.GET.STARTED!
I always remind myself to write something positive and encourage people.
So, this time I want to talk about just get started on your dream.
Everyone has their own dream and to go toward that dream is not just easy as you think. You need courage to get start.

The moment you take that first step, the moment you start, little seeds of courage, the ones I believe are already planted there right now, begin to sprout in your heart. You aren't headed out to find courage. It's in you, it is blooming and it is with you as you travel and say yes to things that seem scary.
Those little seeds of courage have been growing in your heart for weeks, maybe years.
Then at some point your heart began to beat with a different rhythm, and now here you are, ready to take the first brave step.

You just have to start, my friend.

That thing that is whispering on your insides? Maybe for you it's writing a song, making a phone call, having a conversation.Booking that trip.Sending an e-mail.Going on a date.Reading a book.
I'm trying to list as many options as possible but you know the thing God is doing in your life better than I do. It's time to get quiet before the Lord and ask Him what it looks like for you to live a life of courage today.
Just start. [1] 

It's so good to be back to do what I really love to do.
So, don't ever forget or ignore what you really love to do.



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