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Life Tips : Don't look down on yourself

Hye!, happy weekend everyone!
Today, I want to share something that I thought very useful for every range of age. 
It's about self love. 
It's very common thing to do but I think it's hard to do so far. This is what I really observed on myself and some people close to me. Sometimes, I blamed myself for whatever happen in my life and feel like I am worthless and because of that perceptions, it's took me 1 year or more than that to correct that.
You can be your biggest fan or biggest enemy, you choose. 

Sometimes, I didn't learned a lessons especially in financial...haha. I always choose a very hard way to learned.But, now I started to learned, it's not too late.
Please grow and live life by use the correct perceptions of yourself and know that you are deserved everything in this world and deserve the right life.
Never ever look down or think negative of yourself.
You make a bad decisions but you not mean you have bad life.That's life risks.Just bear with the consequences of that bad decisions.There so much ahead you and the best yet to come!It's hardest but that how you choose it.
On that hard time, never look down on yourself.
Stop comparing your journey with nobody. Go with your own flow. Other have their own struggles that you don't know. You seen they happy on the social media or even in life in front of you but everyone has their struggles and yet they can make it. So, you can make it too.
If you want happy life, don't aim to show you have a happy life to others or just for other impressions but for YOURSELF. Remember that.
Live for your own right!
I always FAILED on this but I won't get angry or disappointed on me, I keep going and I know I can or I will make it one day. Yes, that one day is uncertain, I know that. None of thing in this world is certain except God love me.
Don't depend your happiness in other hand. You can make yourself happy. Be happy all the time.
If some people can make you happy then appreciate it. Never take anything in your life for granted.
If you have someone to love, love it deeply and honestly, never play with other people's feeling or future.
If you have your family, appreciate and love your family with whole of your heart. When I said with whole heart, I know it's hard to love our own family, we sometimes take it for granted but I told you "this family never ever take it for granted!!".
If you have great friends, you're blessed! I spent almost of my life with friends and I'm always thankful for friends that I met along the journey of my life. I am thankful and blessed for meet them.
There's so much you have in your life if you REALLY look into it and if you really know about yourself.
Before I end this such a heartfelt post, I want to remind you guys, Everything is worthless if you down on yourself.You won't satisfied with everything in your life.
Everything is started on you.
So, start to appreciate yourself and love yourself like never before.
Live your life for yourself.
Be your number one fans all the time.
Self love is important because if you didn't love yourself, how you love God and other people?

Have a nice weekend people!
Start to love yourself now.


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