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#LifeTips: Hardship is not abandonment.

It's 2018 and I thought this will be my best year ever as I planned so many things but it's not going as I plan. I stressed so much this year. I have so many thing that make me stress like financial stress, emotional stress and so on. It's just half of 2018 and it's feel so hard for me.
Sometimes, I miss my comfortable life, that I used to live and I always have enough and feel so happy with my life. I don't know when this change?
Why on earth then our heavenly Father, who said to love me, sometimes make me so uncomfortable? or let this hardship in my life?
For today article, I want to share about one article that I read during my hardship time and I hope it can help you during your hard time.

I cried a lot on my own. It's so hard for me to share my own problems with anyone. Usually I will share about it after it already slow down. I break down on myself a lot. I remember each of the breakdown that I ever have on my own. I feel like I'm not myself already. My prayers always feel like I am begging God for all this hardship disappear and just gone but it's not. The hardship still there. This really tasted my faith and patience in God. But, I know God that I served and love with all my heart, God will never ever abandonment me. The time I feel so lost and no one else I can find and my only way is find God and talk to Him.
Then, I found this. This article really help me and I hope it can help you also during your hard time.

Hardship is not abandonment.

'He humbled you and let you be hungry.
Then he fed you with manna- something you did not know before.
It was something your ancestors had never seen.
Why did the Lord do this?
Because he wanted you to know that it is not just bread that keeps people alive.
People's lives depend on what the Lord says.'
Deuteronomy 8:3

Wow! Out of love!
God actually let me, His children get hungry. Why?
So that I would remember how much I needed Him, cry out to Him, experience His generosity and love Him back. Our hardships served to strengthen our relationship with our Father.
Do an audit of your hardship right now. Yes, right this minute. Yes, you.
How are you being squeezed right now? How much pain of mind and body are you in right now?
Realise that the one who didn't hesitate to send His son to the cross for you could not love you and that He might be using your hardship only to draw you closer to himself.

Above article is really open my mind. I know, I have been go through many hardship before but this year really hard.
My hardships is still here and not gone but I know and God always be with me. He provide on time and at the time you need it, not the time you want it. It scary you know but I have experience it. 
I never have only RM10 on my wallet and I was run out gas on my car and I feel like no way get the money and no one can ask help, I feel ashamed to ask money for people. So, I just pray, God, I need you and I need money for refill the gas so I can go to where I want. God didn't answer it immediately just like I always wish but I just keep in faith, God will provide and remind myself, God will never abandonment in no matter what.
At the right time, one customer bought something on my Instagram store and she directly pay for it. I'm so thankful and God has answered my prayers.
It's hard to keep in faith during hard time, I have experienced that, I almost bust out and get angry but I trust in God and I want to keep trust Him.
I don't know your situation right now but just keep in faith and trust in God.

Love love,

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