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When life give you lemon,make lemonade

11 June 2018


I really miss my blog. I left it for many months already and I feel something missing in my life. I love to share something in my life on my blog, I feel its therapy.Sometimes I feel scared to write,I'm scare of over sharing but I try to avoid that.
Life is HIT me harder these few months.
I feel terrible and uninspiried about my life.
I lost direction of my keriitleto.
But, I dont want to stay uninspired and lost so here I am,GET UP and decided to do this again and just GO! I know, I still have the same problems and the issue of my life is not disappear but I want to do something in my life and live my life.
So, for today post, I want to share how to handle STORM in this life.
I am no expert but I hope my experience can help you.

How to handle storm in this life:

  • Pray to God,you need Him
  • Hardship is not to KILL you but to make you humble.
  • When the storm hit, remember to remember what God have done in your life. It's already pass but that show God is faithful.
  • Tell yourself, the storm will pass eventually.Everything in this life is temporary so just be patient.
  • Don't waste time to think about it,if it mean to happen it will happen.
  • Don't blame yourself but remind yourself to learn from this life lessons.

Life is scary and terrible but we cant avoid it but just go through it with brave heart. In order to have a brave heart,you need to be build and its reallly take time.Sometimes you will be like I'M DONE! But, you come this far not to give up,go go and pray to God you need Him.
I hope this post will encourage people that feel wanna give up like me,lets be strong,try at least,dont give up yet.
Remember,God will never leave you and He always there for you,just let him know you need Him. Pray what you need (this what I always do).

I pray for those feel hopeless today,remember that God is hope,no matter whats your problem,God is bigger than that.

If u dont mind, please share with me and other readers her whay you will do when you feel like life is hit you on comment below.

Love love,
Aya from

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