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10 things to do when love getting harder

Hai everyone,
Welcome back!
I hope you have a good day today and feel good.This time I want to share about love and relationship.
I'm currently in relationship and I'm totally blessed with this relationship and I really really love this relationship and my prayers every day, we will make it our happily ever after.
But, not everything is going well as I always imagined.
It's getting harder lately. It's so challenging.As I always said "Love is not always sweet". There a days that I think love is"killing" me but there's other days, love is everything. It's so weird, right?
So, this time I want to share 10 things to do when it's getting harder?

1. Be patience and pray for it.
I believe in prayer. So, whatever happen, you first response must be pray first.
And, as you may know, everything in this life need to be patience.
When in the relationship, always need to be patience. There will be a lot of thing that will test your patience. Overall, always trying to be patience no matter what.When you lost your patience, don't give up, keep trying again.

2. Look at bright side
Everything will not happen just like we wanted.When something bad happen in the relationship, don't always look at negative side but always see at another perspective, the positive side.It's hard but no other choice, be positive and live on!.

3. Trust God's plan for you and your partner
Remember this.
It's hard to accept that our plan is not goes as we always wanted. But remember, God always have a good plan for us.If it mean to be, it will mean to be.

4. Keep love alive
Despite all challenges, love each other well.Always find time for each others. Talk about anything, care about each other and just show love to your love one. It's hard during the challenging time but just do it.

5. Life must go on
When the relationship seems bad, the choice is yours.
If you really love each other you always can find way to make it work.If its not work, life must go on. No one push you to love somebody, it's your choice. 

6. Don't give up
When it's hard in the relationship, don't easily give up. If you really love your partner, then always choose to love.

7. Work for it
If you want something, you need to work for it.
Not everything will come to you, you need to go after it, work for it.So same goes to relationship, if you want its work so work on it. Remember the plant? In order to make the plant grow healthy, you need to keep maintain it(work on it).

8. Try to make it again
Being in relationship it's not easy as we thought. Always need to try again and again. Sometimes we do disappoint each other, we are just human after all. But, what's most important is try to make it again.

9. It's time to learn about each other better
When you already with someone for so many years, you thought you already know them better but people change everyday so you need to keep updating about them.Learn about each other everyday, never get bored.

10. Preparing the better version of yourself
While you waiting for the day to be together, why not take this time to prepare the better version of yourself. Everyday is day to make an improvement of yourself.

So, that's it my 10 things to do when love getting harder. It may work for you or not, I don't restrict you to follow but at least you know what to do. 
Before I end this post, don't give up on love.


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