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A great weekend with my new family

If you follow me on my IG (@keriitleto) then you already know why am I having a great weekend. My boyfriend's family came to KL for vacation and we are so happy they came to visit us. It's awkward because for the first time they stayed in the new house. I met his family(his mum and his brother) for the first time last year during his convocation day but that time, they are stayed at the hotel so I don't really feel awkward. This time, they are stayed in the house, a lot of thing I need to take care of and learn at the same time.
For the sake of memories, I shared about our day here.

On their first day in KL, we bring them to Johor, JPO(Johor Premium Outlet) to be specific because they wanted to go there. Suprisily, our journey is not that tiring and smooth...fuhh! But, I feel bad for the Mr drivers(my boyfriend and his brother) but that's what man supposed to do right? haha.
We go round, they bought some souvenier here, eat our lunch ( we are not satisfied) then take photos for memories because that's the best souvenir I can keep forever.

After JPO, we went to Nilai 3, Seremban for carpet and pillow shopping. 

We found this lovely wall and my partner's brother suggest to take photo here so I did.
Of course, selfie with my love. Selfie rule is smile if not more to came...hahahaa

To be really honest, I feel scared to meet my new family. I asked my colleagues how to treat them, tips and trick, it's worked, fuhh! But, I still have a lot to learn.
Of course, our journey is still long way to go. We don't know what ahead us but I do hope everything will goes as we always wanted and plan. Please support us in your prayers.


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