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House Update: My dream home


Curtains detail

Happy Weekend.
As you read this, you already enjoy your weekend. I never share about my dream home on my blog before so I thought maybe it's time for me to share my dream home. I'm thankful I can buy my own home , it's never a easy journey but I know it will be worth it. Now, it's time to reveal what I want to do in the house.
So, here you go.

My home concept will be minimalism and chic.The color scheme will be natural color like white, grey and everything soft and pastel.
I don't want too much thing in the house.I don't like all those bulky perabot. 
I am not very organise lady.So, to avoid make it obvious, put less stuff in the house. Only the necessary and important stuffs.Also, it's not good for my wallet too...haha. Just buy what necessary.
For future point of view, I want my kids freely running in the house.I don't want them to feel like they are on box but it's space where they can run, enjoy and feel loved.
It's hard to imagine how it look like so I share every corner of the room with photos.I copied out my inspiration from my Pinterest to share it with you guys.

#Living room

Minimal and chique home - via Coco Lapine Design

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22 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #35 | UltraLinx

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STYLECASTER | Tiny Bedrooms | Coco Lapine Design

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#My home office
The desk is too "IKEA/Mainstream-Style", but I love the chair, especially the color, and, of course, the iMac on a cleared desk

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home studio... Some day.

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My special wall

It's easy to wish and imagine what we want but to really need hard work and sacrifice to make it come true. Now, mine is just a beginning and I have complained a lot already.But, I want to continue to go on in this journey despite its so hard.
Wish me luck.

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