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How to style denim jacket ( man version)

Finally, this post has arrived. 
My man OOTD post. Yeahhhhh!!!
I have been dream to do this in such a long time, I think since the beginning ( evil laughs). Sorry my dear,  this is the price of being my love ( evil face).Beside that, I just feel unfair by just post about my OOTD and not his OOTD...hehe.His style is cool so why not, right? hehe(alasan saja ni)..Also, I really love styling and my 'victim' will be my boyfriend... I love to do styling on him.
So, this time I'm going to share how to style denim jacket for man.

I know some of man not really follow fashion, they just wear what they like.This same goes to my boyfriend but I always influenced him. Last time, I influenced him wearing the long shirt and luckily he likes that style also, so yeay! Sejuk mata memandang.
Now, denim jacket is back and rock the fashion world once again. So, again, I influenced him to wear or give it try and once again, I feel thankful, he likes this style too, yay! He is my boyfriend so need to like what I like...haha, level of confidence is level up!
What I really like about my boyfriend's style is he loves to wear something cool and he look cool with his outfits. I just love whatever he wearing and I feel good whenever he asked my opinion about styling, it's something I love the most.
Since this is his first OOTD here, forgive for the not so good quality photos. I just use my iPhone to capture the photos.
Ignore that serious face too. The smile just for me!! hehe.
Okay, here is the tips on how to style denim jacket.
#Wear with dark colour shirt
#Wear with white shirt
#Wear it with dark long pant
#Wear it indoor because outside just hot lah.

Before I end this post,
as per usual, our best moment on Sunday.
What I really like about my boyfriend is he always try to satisfied what I want to do...haha. He rarely take selfie on his own but since, I love to take our selfie so he just follow what I want. If he didn't smile, I will take countless selfie for revenge. I order to make it short, just smile and it's done and I'm satisfied...what a stubborn partner I am.

Another thing he need to bear is when take selfie, make sure my face is smaller. If not, he need to take it.hahhaa

Everyday I feel thankful for having my partner in my life.
The journey is still long to go but as long as him, then I am ready to follow that path.
( no cia cia cia...haha)
It's so wonderful for having someone that really understand and loves you for who and whatever you do. In order to make that happen, you need to work on it too. Not just one side but two side need to work for it.
So, when there is love, stay in love and appreciate each moment.
To my dear, thank you.

Love Love,
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