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I miss home so badly (Sarawak)

Today I missed home like crazy.
I missed home and my family, it's make me feel sick. When this time has come, I always questioned my decision to be stayed in the city. Yes, I have everything I ever wanted now, I have my own house, my own car, I have a good job, and I have great people surrounding me, I am forever thankful for all that. But, this time I miss home like crazy. I miss my mum, my dad, my sisters, my brother, my nephews and niece.I have been missing out many things in my family life lately. I missed the KEBANA festival, I missed my family gathering, my parent's birthday and so on.
But, I choose this so I will go through it. 
To make me feel a little bit better, here I list out why I missed home so bad.

This is where my heart is.
I always being kampong girl no matter where I go. I never forget where and my origin. I still remember those day, the days playing at sungai, lived without TV and have a direct communication with everyone else. I still remember the days I wished I will move and lived in the city for a better life.And, now I got it, it's come true and I still missed the old way of life. I guess I take it for granted now.

My family
I can have everything here but my family is not here, it's not make me happy at all. Now I get it, money can't buy happiness, yes it can buy your house key but if the house not fill with your family, its feel useless.For now, I take it in positive way. This is my time for me time. It's time for me to learn again to be on my own.

The morning fresh air
I rarely wake up early when I'm home...hehe but I love the morning fresh air.

The star
During the night, I love to stared at the skies outside my family home and see how beautiful is the skies. I feel amazing. This is the best thing in my village. You can see the stars.

My mum presence
I love my mum more than I ever did.
I miss my mum so badly nowadays. I always dreamed about her. I don't know why. God please take care of my mum and my dad.

The food
Of course not to forget this. Food always my comfort whenever I am home. I love the traditional food like anye, selukung, tung ubi and more. Nothing more can make me happy than eat all those food. Especially if my family make/cook it then everything is good.

Whenever I miss home, I visited my old post about Sarawak and it's make me a little bit better. That's why I love to do blogging. I can revisited my post anytime I want and I feel great about it. I make a good memories on earth and I will never forget all good and bad memories.
So, check out the Sarawak tab for my Sarawak memories.

One day, I definitely settle down in my hometown. For now, I planned to settle down with my boyfriend at his hometown as I followed the culture, the wife will follow their husband. If it's not go as planned, I will always choose my hometown to settle down.

No matter where you go, don't forget where you come from.
Always be humble and kind.


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