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#keriitletoOOTD: I have changed so much

Finally, I have time to write on my blog and it's 12a.m...fuhh! My life is get busy more now and when I have free time, my battery flat or slow internet connection...ermmm.Always have something that make me can't blogging peacefully. It's okay lah, just ignore. Back to my weekend story.
On weekend, I usually busy with my personal life. Mostly I spent time with my loved one or with my uncle's family in Cheras or sometimes I just stayed in the house, I love staying in my house.It's feel good. While in the house, I try to spent my time to do my photobook project because I want to print my travel or old photo.. arghh... and that's make me having throwback moment. I don't really like to see what I did in the past because all I see is I am "kurus" and look light compare to now. Then, I realised....
I have changed so much...bad changes (T_T)

Some noticeable changes are,
My size and body shape.
I getting bigger each day. I can't stop this. It's make me sad. Whenever I tried to go back to my original shape, it's really killing me.Maybe I need another break up? hehehe, no I don't want that and that's not the way to become healthy or back to the good shape. I need to be discipline to I need to back in my original shape. No more excuses. I will not going to write my why here because I have read somewhere, if you want what you want become reality, don't tell anybody about it. Just keep it yourself and do it.

My fashion taste
I always thought before, expensive thing can make you look beautiful. But, I guess I am wrong. Not all expensive thing make you look beautiful. You the one that can make you feel beautiful, no matter what you wear or how much the clothes that you wear. Even if you wore the most expensive outfit, but you didn't happy about it, it's just no use. 
I guess I can see I have changed so much in that area. I guess many changes but I will not share it here because it's too personal and it's not the right time to share about it.
As I shared on my Instagram ( @keriitleto), I really love this denim skirt.It's super comfortable and I feel good wearing it. And, the price of this skirt not hurt my wallet, this is more important.

I know I have changed a lot especially my size and body shape but its doesn't matter, I will try my best to back to my original shape. I know myself and I know it's hard to back to it but I will never give up. I will go for it.
So, no matter what you want to change in your life, change for a better version of yourself.
As for me, I am in the bad state of my body shape and I'm trying to back to original.


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